Accounting Career

If public accounts, tax matters, banks and spreadsheets interest you, an accounting career is probably what you should consider. And just in case you thought that accounts was all about sitting behind the desk and correcting balance sheets, you are far from the truth! Performing the vital functions of preparing, analyzing and verifying financial documents, an accounting career can be broadly categorised under the umbrella heads of accounting, auditing, tax and consulting activities for their clients.

Accounting Career

Most jobs require a proficiency in accounting, auditing computer software and professional recognition through certification. However, with a degree or specialised expertise in the field, jobseekers will have an advantage in the job market. With increasing job opportunities and globalisation, competition remains keen for the most prestigious jobs in the major accounting and business houses. So, as you cruise along with your dreams of making it big in career as an accountant, concentrating on specific job duties will be a major help.

Accountants help to ensure the smooth running of a nation’s firms. They help maintain accurate records of taxes paid and analyze public funds .However, their service varies at different levels. One can serve in the public sector, the management, the government or even work in the internal auditing. A variety of specialisations are also on the offer. For example, if you choose to be a public accountant, you may work for the government, non-profit organisations, individuals or corporations. An expertise in tax matters; consultation in areas of compensation and employee health care benefits; designing accounting and data processing systems; safeguarding assets are a few of the many specialisations in vogue these days. And if investigating, interpreting bankruptcies and complex financial matters interest you, you can even specialise in forensic accounting.

Another form of accounting is the management accounting. As a management accountant, one is responsible for recording and analysing the financial performance of the companies for which they work. A sound financial analysis, budgeting and planning by a management accountant helps a business firm make its decisions. An accounting career in the public sector involves, chiefly, examining and maintaining government records .However, such accountants also audit private businesses and individual activities that are subject to government regulations.

With technology flourishing in every sector, a pre-requisite of a successful accounting career today involves a sound knowledge of the technological advances. With the help of special software packages, accountants can organise, summarise and analyse their financial records with greater ease and better efficiency. However, those planning a career in accounting must have an aptitude for mathematics.

One must be able to interpret, analyse and compare facts and figures quickly. Also, good communications skills help build better relations with clients and managers, helping a firm in the long run. Lastly, with the bustling economy throughout the world, there shall be a considerable rise in the number of business establishments. So, with the right kind of academic qualification, expertise and soft skills, an accounting career can be highly rewarding.

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