Applying For The Job As A Forensic Psychologist

How To Write A Professional Job Resume When Applying For The Job As A Forensic Psychologist? So you are now done with your schooling. After years of education, taking challenging tests and on the job training, you are now a licensed forensic psychologist and you are ready to start your career and face the world. The question now is how exactly can you write a job resume so that you will get hired despite your lack of employment experience?

Applying For The Job As A Forensic Psychologist

Companies usually prefer people who have several years of working experience, however, with the proper resume, you will discover that you can be competitive and still land the job that you have always wanted. Now is the time to start your career as a professional forensic psychologist. Here are certain points that you need to know in order to make your resume as appealing as possible.

  1. You have several format choices when it comes to preparing one. There is the functional style format and the chronological format. For those who still lack work experience, the functional style format is the better option because instead of listing down all your work experiences, you will let your potential employers know the skills that you have acquired in your years of training. This way, they will know if you possess the skills that they need at a glance. If however you feel that you have enough employment experience to be one, you can go for the chronological style and list down all your employment experiences from start to the present.
  2. Start by writing down your objective. What do you wish to accomplish in your career as a forensic psychologist? Do your best to make it brief and concise.
  3. List down all the duties (if any) that have been assigned to you in the past. For those who have just graduated, you may also list down any activity that you did as a resident.
  4. If you have any certification, it will be most helpful. Don’t forget to always provide the name of the agency that certified you as well as the year in which you received it. You can even attach a photocopy of the certificate at the back.
  5. Do not forget that education is most important in this field so it must be included. Include the school that you attended along with the year for every level. Seminars are also helpful so if you attended any, point them out too.
  6. If you have any published material that has to do with your chosen field, it is best to list them down and indicate how your potential employer can retrieve a copy. Alternatively, you may provide the copy yourself.
  7. If there are professionals in the field of forensic psychology who can recommend you, you may include their names and contact numbers under “references”. That way, your potential employer will find out if everything stated in your resume is accurate.

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