Associate degree in human services

An Associate degree in Human Services is a two year course. An individual who graduates with the said associate degree are well trained either to work at the entry level i.e. at assistant positions or continue to pursue a bachelor’s degree in human science. The associate degree of human science trains an individual to understand the human psychology and behavior so that they are able to advise and work accordingly in a given situation. After obtaining the said degree, the individual is open to take up job in a numerous fields. Some of the fields are explained here.

Associate degree in human services

The student can work as a Social work Assistant. In this field the main responsibility of the individual will be to work under the supervision of a social worker and help the worker to develop and organize programs in relation to cases with respect to substance abuse or domestic violence or rehabilitation. The main work of the assistant will involve interviewing the client, compiling the data, forming reports for the use of the social worker and communicate relevant information to the client which will be beneficial to them.

Another option available to an individual having an Associate degree in Human Services is to become community outreach worker. The major responsibility that will be handled in this job is to coordinate educational and fund raising events to increase the awareness and support for the organization program they are working for.

The organizations in which the individual having the said degree can work as a community outreach worker are usually a non-profit organization or youth and health services organization. These individuals with Associate degree in Human Services are also eligible to become a case management aide. In this said job, the individual has to interview the clients (who are either disabled or are elderly individuals or are low income individuals) and their family members on behalf of a client manager, enter the whole data received, prepare reports, maintain their files and coordinate with the various parties involved in the case so that all the required information is processed well and received by all concerned people including the case manager.

An individual who has obtained an Associate degree in Human Services is well known to the psychology and the human behavior. Hence they are able to understand a person well and try to bring them out of their troubles by advising them the best solution.

After obtaining the associate degree, the individual can also think of obtaining a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree if he or she has interest in the same and want to build a career in this field. This associate degree is a two year course and can be pursued as a full time on campus course as well as a part time or an online course. An individual can apply for the associate degree after completion of their high school.

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