Associates degree in sociology

The study of sociology deals with teaching the students various dynamics with respect to a family or a social gathering, they also taught about the various social norms and the deviant behavior of humans and groups. The students pursuing Associates degree in sociology also learn how to identify different social structures and the method of assisting various individuals or groups.

Associates degree in sociology

A sociology degree can further be emphasized into separate groups or fields. These groups or fields are statistics course, a deviant behavior course, family dynamic course or alcohol and drug abuse course. Let us see in detail as to what key rolls or responsibilities are taught in these fields. In the statistics course, the students or the socialists are taught how to gather data with respect to measuring and predicting trends in human behavior.

The socialists are also taught how to use the data collected by them. They are taught the use of basic calculations in mathematics which will help them in the process of comparison, summarization and analysis of data. The basic mathematic calculations that are used by any socialist are the traditional method of mathematical calculations.

The deviant behavior course is another field in the Associates degree in sociology wherein the students are taught about identifying human behavior that is unacceptable by different cultures. The students learn about the causes of criminal behavior, drug or alcohol abuse, antisocial activities etc. They also learn about analyzing the success of responses of human to deviant behavior. The family dynamic course in sociology teaches students about the human behavior at the time of courtship, marriages, break ups, sex life etc. The students also learn as to how an individual respond to family models or family dynamics.

The students are made to understand and analyze the benefits as well as the drawbacks of a family structure on an individual. Last but not the least, Alcohol and drug abuse course is another field in Associates degree in sociology that helps the students to understand and investigate the various causes and the social impact of alcohol and drug abuse. Students are also taught a bit about its treatment.

After completion of Associates degree in sociology which is a two year course, the student or the individual can obtain employment at the entry-level position. The entry-level jobs refer to one such as to work as an assistant to a social worker. This job will require the individual to work as a case worker in cases involving an elderly person or a disabled.

The sociology associate can also work for a youth counselor or a court advocate on specific cases where he will be required to interview the subject, gather data and provide required information to the employer so that the employer can take all necessary action. Instead of taking up the job, the individual can also pursue higher studies i.e. pursue the bachelor’s course or obtain the master’s degree so that they can build a better and bright career.

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