Blue Screen Registry Error

Many computer users believe that blue screen errors are caused by a crashed PC. But it is not always true. There is one other reason that can cause your computer to lock up and show you nothing but a blue screen, and this can be caused by registry error/s. Blue screen registry error is not just one error but several hundred errors in the system that seem to call up all the sectors of your hard disk to do so.

Blue Screen Registry Error

If you encounter the blue screen registry error for the first time, you might think that this is the end of your computers life. Actually, you can still revive your ailing computer with the user of registry repair programs. First thing you need to do is to restart your computer. Dont worry if this is the first time that you see the blue screen because it is likely that your computer will still start up.

Once your computer goes back to its normal state, go to the control panel and manually delete downloaded programs. Make sure that you only delete the programs that you remember downloading since there are applications/programs that look idle but contribute a significant amount to your computers process. Clearing your hard disk can help, so removing unnecessary junk you have accumulated can speed up and improve your computers performance.

Next is to do a Defragmentation process to ensure that your files elements are all in one place in the partition tables of your hard drive. These are referred to as fragmented files and if these exist, it will take some time before your computer can load them if they have never been or have not been defragged for a long time. When you defrag your files, make sure to restart your computer afterwards just to see the changes in the boot/start-up time and also to check if the blue screen registry error will appear within the course of your computer usage.

You should also make back-ups for your important files when this problem occurs. Get a flash drive or external hard drive to save all of your files just to make sure. And saving in a separate disk or media can lessen the burden on your hard disk. You may use the My Documents section for saving personal files, but if you are cautious and would want to speed up your computer, its best to save all of your files separately from your computer.

Ultimately, the blue screen registry error can be solved by using registry repair software. Although some may attempt to fix this issue manually, its quite a risky thing to do so. If youre not sure how it is done manually, skip this thought and proceed to looking for the registry repair software that can help you revive your ailing computer.

Look for a registry repair program that covers a wide variety of errors and can work on various Windows versions, covers a wide-range of error-correcting capabilities, and it should provide maintenance and back-up facilities.

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