Career In Accounting

Make a successful career in his life is the ultimate measure of a student. From the beginning of his training, starting a student plans on career goals and aims, he must achieve. Medical, technical, medical doctors, scientists, biologists, as are the careers you can choose according to studies in science. After science, be it medical or non-medical, commerce is the area that attracts students. Many students were seen to pursue careers in accounting or business, having passed their matriculation exams.

Career In Accounting

Career in accounting or finance is the aim of further studies of students in the sciences. The different areas into which the issue of trade are:





Business studies


After completing his secondary education, especially business students opt for business management, computer science or accounting courses that their study subjects. The most popular course that became the career goal for students in almost all trade in these days of career in accounting. Accounting work involves responsibility for keeping the accounts of the organization, analysis and further increase the economic development of society.

The three different fields or courses available in the field of accountancy are:

CA – Charted Accountancy

ICWAI – Cost Accountancy

CS – Company Secretary

All these courses are provided by special colleges and have their individual regulatory bodies, governing the course structure and further career developments in the respective fields.

Charted Accountancy: counter is the person responsible for some of the most important functions required to execute the proper functioning of the organization in terms of its money market funds and finance, including accounting, auditing, taxes, etc. The Institute of Chartered Accountants India (ICAI) is the organization responsible for regulating the accounting profession in the route to India.

The students become a member of the Institute, must undergo a series of comments that have appeared before, must register with the official organ of the ICAI. There are three levels of review, which is CDN CPT-Common Proficiency Test, the expertise of CPC-Cours, and then the final exam, which should allow, after which the student becomes a member of ICAI members and can exercise their profession in the route accounting.

Cost Accountancy: In this area, the responsible person must carry the costs associated with activities in a systematic way, needs to collect, analyze and compare all the costs of services. He is also an allowance for the use of funds is done in the right way and direction of generation. Responsible for the implementation of work responsibilities for expenditure accounting institute in the country is a cost and works Accountants of India. Recruitment of students is a clear admission on three levels of search by the ICWAI, and the examination for registration can be made after an examination of high school. The students passed all three levels of ICWAI examination, other than a cost accountant working in public and private sector organizations can also choose a consultant in financial management.

Company Secretary: This is the second field, which can be chosen students accounting or marketing after the passage of the 12th exams. It is governed by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, taking into account the students applying for the course CS will have three levels of the same, after which the student may take CS in different companies and industries. As the name suggests, the workplace, not a job typing or secretarial work, CS is responsible for all legal, government, protection, management and corporate-level decisions are made in relation to the secretary.

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