Computer Forensics Specialist

Computer Forensic Specialists are often in the front line of investigations that deal with cyber-crime. Cyber-crime is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. It is now necessary to have specialists to find evidence on computers to prove cases and put these criminals behind bars.

Computer Forensics Specialist

Forensic Specialists have the proper training to find data from hard-drives that may have been tampered with, deleted and damaged. Before doing this, the specialist in computer forensics must go to the crime scene and obtain the computer that is suspect of having criminal activity on it. Before anything is done to the computer, since even starting the computer can change files and alter the evidence, the forensic specialist will make an exact copy of the hard-drive called mirroring.

The copy will then be used to perform investigations and extract evidence. Evidence may be hard to get criminals try to delete their presence on a computer. But with the proper training and tools it is possible to get these deletes files. Reports are then written based on the evidence extracted from the hard-drive for the court. And the specialist must provide the court with this evidence.

Investigating crimes is hard work, and computer forensic specialists must be up to the challenge. There is a lot of competition so to be a specialist having a passion for technology is crucial.

Getting a computer forensic certificate should be the first thing you should do if you are interested in becoming a computer forensics specialist. Unless you already have learned everything there is to know about computer forensics, you may need to go through a program. There are different kinds of programs, such as boot-camp accelerated programs and online degrees. These programs are specialized in computer forensics and will give you the proper training that you need to get a computer forensics certificate and begin your career.

Once you are certified, you need to get as much experience as possible. Many firms hire forensic analysts, consultants and investigators. You may be able to work up to a computer forensic specialist, but it takes a lot of time. Most specialists have at least 5 years of experience. But it is possible to become a specialist in less time.

You may also want to look into getting a degree in a computer related field. A formal education through any university that offers computer science and forensics can help you get the best positions available.  Accounting may also be a beneficial degree due to the high amount of cyber-crime that deals with financial fraud. Getting a formal education will often lead to a higher salary.

Starting your own computer forensics practice is a route that many people take once they have significant experience in the field. Working at your own practice or as a freelancer you may often be hired to work with forensic firms or with the law enforcement. The pay is better, but to make a higher salary you need a lot of experience.

Overall, it takes a lot of experience and training to become a specialist in the rapidly growing field of computer forensics. But specialists get job security and high pay. And fighting against criminals in the cyber world will help lead to a better future.

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