Computer Maintenance And Computer Forensics

This article is about Computer Maintenance And Computer Forensics. If you are interested in pursuing computer forensics training and a career in this field, you should also become an expert in basic computer maintenance tasks. By understanding what can go wrong when your computer is not properly maintained as well as knowing how to maintain a computer properly, you will be doing both yourself and your clients a favor.

Computer Maintenance And Computer Forensics

One of the first steps to take when maintaining your computer is to install an excellent anti-virus software onto your computer. This will help protect and provide necessary security for your computer.

Next, pay attention to your computers temperature and make sure it does not overheat. If you find that your computer is running hot, it may be because of a problem with fan or lack of air circulation. Make sure necessary vents are not plugged or blocked, and if necessary, purchase a specialized cooling fan to rest your computer on to prevent overheating.

You should also do regular checks that your registry files are not corrupted. This can be checked with many anti virus software programs or you can download a registry checker as well for free. You may also want to check the fragmentation of your drive more generally as well.

You will want to make sure that your computer is optimized in terms of its settings. This includes such things as graphics quality settings. Make sure your computer uses the best settings for the kind of applications you usually use, but also that it is not set to too high a quality setting if this is not necessary.

Finally, treat your computer kindly. Make sure it is cleaned regularly, that you do not eat or drink while working on it (both food and drinks can do serious damage to your computer if it is accidentally dropped on or into the computer), that you shut it down properly when not in use and that you do not bang the computer about unnecessarily.

The above tips may seem like common sense, but you may be surprised how frequently these basics steps are ignored and how many people are unaware of the problems these actions (or inaction) can cause for their computers. To help clients care properly for their computers and avoid serious problems will save them a lot of time and money on repairs and data loss recovery, and also help inspire trust in them regarding your skills as a computer forensics specialist.

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