Distance Education Schools

The importance of online learning or e-learning modes has dramatically increased in the last decade. People now wish to study while they work. This movement in online education has forced many accredited universities and institutions to introduce distance education schools for higher education. So, let’s discuss some of the best colleges for online distance education in America.

Distance Education Schools

The School of Continuing Studies Indiana University, is one such online distance education school. The courses offered by this virtual distance education college for continuing education have been reformatted and revised to give students an opportunity to focus on the course content in great detail. This way they become specialists in their field of interest. This online high school offers distance education in a variety of contexts. The courses are planned to impart distance education in the best possible manner – that is dynamically interactively and with many innovations in learning. The IndianaUniversity offers some of the best technologies that enable the e-learners to achieve their learning objectives.

Another fine program is CEED or Continuing Education in the Graduate School of Education from Portland State University. The school of extended studies offers fifteen quarter credit and non-credit, online certificate and  degree programs. After the completion of the distance education programs from this school a student would be able to analyze all the needs of e-learning.

The programs offered by this distance education school also enable the student to apply learning theory, instructional theory, systems theory in the development, design, evaluation, delivery, and maintenance of e-learning programs.The school aims at teaching the students how to manage and lead e-learning technology teams as well as manage distance leaning and online training organizations and e-learning technology projects. The University also provides timely advice to students on emerging and current technologies.

University of Maryland University College is another graduate school that offers distance education certificate programs. The certificates offered by this distance education school are an ideal choice for those students who either do not wish to pursue a Master’s degree or those who wish to add an advanced degree to their credentials. All certificate courses offered by this distance education school earn the graduate credits that can be easily applied towards the parallel Master’s degree program.

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology strongly recommends Westwood College. This school offers online courses for seventeen degrees. These online degree programs include criminal justice, fashion merchandising, graphic design and computer science. Westwood College also uses modern computer technology to provide students with hands-on interactive approach to education.

These are just a sample of the most acknowledged and accredited distance learning schools in the Unites States. For more information aspiring students can easily find a distance education school directory online. Search for programs that provide innovation in e-learning techniques, experienced instructors with a reputation in their field and a growing network of support services. If you do our homework and find the right one for you a distance learning school can be the best avenue for your career and educational objectives.

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