Learn Speed Reading

You can Learn Speed Reading. The first step in starting to speed read is to get a vision check. Many people don’t realize that reading speed does depend on the vision. A+ perfect vision always helps in reading faster.

Learn Speed Reading

Timing is the second important thing to be taken care of. Unless you know where you stand, you can never improve yourself. Many online tests are available which aid in timing your reading. You can either go for them or read a passage in one minute and count the number of words in them.

When you are reading, you must be only reading. There should be no distractions at all. Reading speed must also depend on the material. If it is a magazine or a story that you are reading, you can skim through the text to get the idea but similarly, if it is a book aiding your education and you need to sit for an exam on that, you need to go slower and concentrate on the details too.

Pronouncing words, even if you are doing it to yourself subconsciously slows you down. Be conscious that you don’t “read” but look at the words to gather the meaning. As soon as you subvocalise, the speed goes down. One easy method of keeping yourself from “reading” is to hold a pencil in the mouth.

Never re read. There is a tendency of re reading in many people were they become unsure of the meaning of the read passage and tend to go back. That just makes you slower. A great way of reading fast is by reading groups of words rather than going through each of them.

There is one preliminary way of speeding up the process of reading, which is by using the hand as a tracker. You need to follow the hand while reading. There is a concept in the speed reading circuit that it is the same hand inhibits the process at a later stage. So, the method must not become a habit but just a step to better yourself.

Timing yourself on a regular basis is very important. It is the only way you can keep track of your achievement and every time you find an improvement in your speed, it should only come as an incentive to push yourself to do even better.

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