Math Teacher Resources

Many people hate math and this fact baffles experts. Only a small percentage of the population can actually say that they understand math, more so, to admit that they love the subject. And in this small percentage a statistician may count you in– you who had been a math enthusiast and now a math teacher. But how you see or perceive math and how you have come to love it may not be understood by others. It is your job now as a teacher to impart your knowledge and show to students how come you find math fascinating.

Math Teacher Resources

However, the method in which you will teach math may not be helpful to students, especially if the method and materials that you will use are those that your past teachers have used to teach you. The method may be effective on you, especially since you are a lover of numbers way back your nursery days; but to most of us who have had difficulty in putting x and y together, your math teacher resources may need to be a little different.

Modern math teacher resources may include worksheets, math shortcuts, books, colored tables and graphs, images to represent a math variable such as the x and y in algebra and story problems to represent a mathematical problem in words, which many students can grasp easily. All these can be found in the internet for free or for a fee. As for images and other picto-graph materials, they can be bought at any local bookstore for a small cost.

Math worksheets are composed of regular math drill in abstract or story problem form. In an online math teacher resources page, you can create hundreds of math worksheet in just a few clicks. It saves you time and the trouble of typing and devising your own worksheet. In these math teacher resources sites, you can also find math shortcuts that will help your student do the computation in less the time. There are teachers who do not agree with shortcuts, so you need to teach your students the long method, too, to help them cope with future teachers who may not allow them to solve a problem using the shorter road.

Bookstores are the best place to find images, pictures and picto-graph that you can use for lectures. Since many of the students learn through their visual faculty, images may help them understand the co-relation of numbers and how they are computed and come about. For instance, you can use an image of a turtle to represent x and a hare to represent y. All throughout your discussion use these images to present the said variables. So every time a student aims to recall a formula with the memory hefty x and y, all they have to do is think of a turtle and a hare and then add a multiplier or a divisor if that is what the formula calls for.

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