Mathematics Scholarship

If the one has excelled in mathematics in his or her college carrier, one may well deserve a mathematics scholarship. It is also surprising to know that, the numbers of such scholarship offered by the universities and colleges out number other scholarship by a huge gap. This is understandable, because mathematics holds the key to most of the scientific innovations, and the key to almost everything relating to the modern commercialised world.

Mathematics Scholarship

Often, the scholarship is awarded to sponsor budding mathematician or the future teachers of mathematics. They also specify a renewal time period. For example, the Ball University awards mathematics scholarship to the tune of $2,300 per annum, renewable up to three years from the date of award. In some other universities you will find that the scholarship in mathematics has been co-related and associated with other subjects like the computer science, or basic science, and engineering. For example, the California State University, East Bay awards mathematics with computer science scholarships, the Curtin University of Technology awards mathematics and statistics scholarships.

In the matter of achieving excellence in research and teaching, the University of Bristol, in UK, is considered to be one of the leaders amongst other universities, as a centre for research and teaching in mathematics, within UK. The university has three working groups: Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics. The Applied Mathematics group of the university received a 5*A grade in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise. Out of three groups in UK, this group received the highest gradation. Denoting qualities in high degree at the international level, Pure mathematics received 5B, and Statistics received grade 5*A, again the only group to get the highest rating in UK.

There are 19 research scholarships available from UK and countries in the EU. These are full time study scholarships, which include the academic fees and an annual maintenance grant of an amount in between £ 8,500 and £ 12,500 per annum. In order that a student is eligible for an award, the student must hold a citizenship of UK or any of the EU countries. The student has to meet the English language requirement of the university, if English is not his or her first language.

In the United States, Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation Scholarship, called SMART in short, has been established by the Federal Defense Department. This is one such program where mathematics scholarship, among others, is awarded with the objective of recruiting future scientists and this scholarship is awarded on a pre-condition. The pre-condition is that, they will put up a specified few years of service in the defense of the United States after completion of their training.

There are short or long duration mathematics scholarships available, like, the Mathematics Study Abroad Program or the Scholarship and Aid for the Summer Math Program. Whatever might be the program or nomenclature, the basic criteria remains unaltered, as the mathematical excellence of the student concerned.

Universities and colleges offer various types of mathematics scholarships for the aspiring students. Most often there is a committee to decide the eligibility of a particular student. The committee checks whether the candidate fulfils the requirements for the award of mathematics scholarship, and if satisfied, recommend the award of such scholarship.

At times the mathematics scholarship is coupled with a co-op program. The objective is to help students in catering their university study expenses. Sometimes the US universities and colleges offer an entrance scholarship that ranges from $1,000 during the first year to around $8,000 in four years. If you are currently a high school student and about to enter college, or you have applied for affiliation to any one of the programs offered by the University, you will automatically become eligible for the scholarship.

However, the entrance mathematics scholarship, like any other scholarship, is heavily dependent on your capability to fetch at least 80% marks on average throughout the carrier. This demarcation of level is defined by the universities concerned.

To be awarded with such a scholarship, the student need to have an outstanding scholastic record, and must have demonstrated his or her entrepreneurship capabilities to be eligible for one of the national scholarships. Much will depend on the awards that the student has received or achievements that have been made with your mathematics skills.

A scholarship is an award for academic excellence, coupled with a few other criteria like need, ethnicity, and institution. But like any other scholarship, the mathematics scholarship is also highly dependent on the excellence of the students concerned.

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