Microsoft conducts exams on a regular basis for many of the certifications that it awards. MCSA exam or Microsoft Certified System Administrator exam is a part of the same MCP program series. Once enrolled in a MCP course you will be trained in an assortment of Microsoft’s products and technologies.


There are 2 types of MCSA certifications. One is for MCSA on Windows Server 2003 and the other is for MCSA on Windows 2000. For certification in each of these course a separate MCSA exam is conducted. Similarly, the syllabus of each MCSA exam differ from the other. We will discuss all the MCSA exam certificate requirements but first let us talk about the specialization factor.

Messaging and security are two aspects in which you can specialize. This fact is the same for both types of MCSA certifications. Now let us begin with exam requirements of MCSA on Windows 2000.

The MCSA on Windows 2000 exam requirements are to pass core exams (three in all) and an elective exam. If you wish to specialize in messaging on Microsoft Windows 2000 then you will have to pass an extra paper. Its details are Exam 70-284 which includes implementation & management of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Exam 70-224 which includes installation, configuration, & administration of Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server.

Another eligibility criteria for MCSA exam is that you should posses a 12 month experience in desktop OS, network OS and a current network infrastructure.

Similarly, for MCSA on Windows Server 2003 exam it is required to clear core exams (3 in number) and 1 elective exam. Two networking system exams & one client OS exam are covered under the core exams. In addition, you must carry the experience of 6 to 12 months in administration of client and network operating systems.

Now comes the task of preparing for MCSA exam. Firstly, Microsoft offers courseware to help every level of student to get prepared for the exam. In order to prepare for this exam you can browse the Internet for various study guides, practice papers and sample questions. Some websites offer help to students at no cost but most websites charge some amount for the same. You will have to register with such website and become their member in order to access all the helpful study material for MCSA exam preparation.

You can also take help from online forums. Just register with the forums free of cost and discuss your queries with other forum members.

MCSA is a globally accepted standard and at present it is very much in demand. After getting the MCSA certification you will find plenty of job opportunities in the industry. Just take the precaution of preparing for MCSA exam systematically and thoroughly. You will definitely achieve success in the MCSA exam.

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