PhD degree in psychology

At present, modern society is characterized by clearly visible link between theory and practice. From this standpoint, PhD degree in psychology opens vast career paths such as academic research, teaching, industrial activity, organizational work, and mental health. Orientation to science and its practical application highlights academic areas of psychology perceived through psychological theory, research, and training. Successful psychologist is at the same time both scientist and practitioner highly experienced in psychological techniques and methods.

PhD degree in psychology

Requirements for psychology PhD degree

Programs for PhD degree in psychology must be accredited by the American Psychological Association. Master’s degree in psychology is not always required for admission; however, applicants should attend qualification courses. Programs for PhD degree in psychology keep to the model of research and practice. The programs prepare experienced and skilled psychologists capable to carry out profound research in their field.

Areas of specialization for psychology PhD degree

Numerous areas of specialization in psychology cover social psychology, experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, counseling psychology, developmental psychology, industrial psychology, and clinical psychology. The courses for PhD degree in psychology presuppose deep knowledge of theory and methodology of psychology. The courses create necessary theoretical background for applied training and practice. Some fields of study may require practicums and internships. Candidates must also be experienced in statistical methods and quantitative research analysis.

Research and practice for psychology PhD degree

Candidates take part in a research activity of the current projects under supervision of faculty members. Researches often lead to publications of articles in special journals and paper presentations at professional meetings. All candidates contribute to practical activity together with the active course work. The practice particularities depend on the level of students’ experience and acquired skills.

Some educational institutions carry out preliminary examinations and doctoral qualifying examinations before formal candidacy for PhD degree in psychology and beginning the dissertation process. Normally, the oral preliminary exams presuppose presentation and defense of the dissertation. Programs for PhD degree in psychology demand that the dissertation was prepared and defended on the basis of original research.

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