Professional Technical Education

Technical education is pursed by both adults and students, specially those in high schools, in United States. Professional technical education or PTE, in fact, is a prime ingredient of United States educational system.

Professional Technical Education

Professional technical education comes in various settings and levels which include middle school career exploration, secondary & postsecondary certificates/degrees and custom-made training for employees. Some other features that professional technical education provides to you are the technical skills & knowledge and workplace elements required to win in your career.

In addition, you will also be provided with skills to balance family & work responsibilities along with other ways in which your skills can be enhanced. Whether you are pursuing a short technical course or a four year traditional course, professional technical education will definitely provide you a strong foundation along with multiplying your skills.

Professional technical education is an integral constituent of the complete education mission, which contributes to the aims of high academic achievements, student retention & motivation, in conjunction with the development of common workplace & life skills.

Since professional technical education is so important to entire education system, aspects like contacts with other educators and business professionals are also very crucial. The history of professional technical education is a successful one. It states that the skills related to students leadership have been enhanced along with teamwork skills and citizenship skills.

Now, let us consider the specific example of Idaho Division of Professional Technical Education. The 2006 facts related to it mention that in the past 10 years, high school registration in PTE increased by 39% as compared to the general registration which increased only by 8%. PTE has 770 programs in the 109 Idaho school districts. Approximately all the Idahos high school students were registered in minimum of 1 PTE course in 2006.

60% of professional technical education went to college after high school, compared to 44% of non professional technical education students. 93% of high school & 94% of technical college PTE passed students in Idaho, found jobs or continued their respective education.

In the financial year of 2006, more than 8 thousand full time and part time students registered in some technical degree/certificate program. It meant an addition of 12.7% in five years.

Also, in 2006 Idaho technical colleges aided 46,471 adults to improve their job skills. Out of this figure, 34,040 were registered in short term training and extra 12,431 got registered in Fire Service & Hazardous Materials Training.

From this survey result it is clear that professional technical education is becoming popular as an extremely essential for each and every student and adult. PTE ensure a solid base for you from where you can launch your career in style.

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