Psychology Master Program

Psychology master programs normally take two years. One should have graduated with a bachelor’s degree with a related subject. You may also need to have a background in Biology, Philosophy, Chemistry, Math, Computer Science, English and Anthropology. Some universities may enroll any student from any faculty, but it’s always advisable to take a master’s in psychology if you have a related bachelors.

Psychology Master Program

For those planning to join a psychology master program, there are many subfields for specialization. For example, one can take a master program in psychology to be a Clinical Psychologist where he or she will get the knowledge of dealing with emotional and behavioral disorders. There is also Cognitive and perceptual psychology which is basically the study of human perception, thinking, and memory and these psychologists often work closely with behavioral neuroscientists to explain clearly bases of perception or cognition from the biological perspective.

One can also opt for Developmental psychology, which is the study on issues dealing with the psychological development in people throughout their lives. For those interested in education, there is Educational psychology with is the study on how to enhance teaching and learning. Other areas one can do a master in psychology are Engineering psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Experimental psychology and Forensic psychology, which tries to solve legal issues by applying psychological principles. Health psychology is a study of how biological, psychological, and social factors affect health and illness and Industrial & organizational psychology is the study geared towards improving productivity in areas of work with the use of psychological principles and research methods among many other subfields.

There are many universities in the USA which offer a master’s in psychology and one can opt for the course with any specialization. Some of the top schools in the country offering good programs in psychology are Walden University, Argosy University, Capella University, Chapman University and the University of San Francisco. When you apply in any of these or any of the other universities for admission, they might first look for those who are interested in the following courses for consideration. Psychology of Learning, Experimental Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Research Methodology, Cognitive Psychology, Sensation and Perception, among others.

Psychology is a subject that cannot be taken for granted today. It is a science that deals with human behavior as well as that of non human – animals. The subject has been in existence for the only 125 years old, but it is needed in almost in all faculties of life. Its study finds its base in biology and sociology, trying to seek a relationship between the brain functions and the behavior or the relationship between the environment and the behavior. There are many areas where one can specialize since the subject is so vast nowadays and more and more areas need understanding.

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