Slow Windows XP Startup

No one wants a slow Windows XP startup whenever you need to use your computer. This is such a hassle especially when you have an urgent email to send or when you need to do research on the internet for your school project.

Slow Windows XP Startup

One of the reasons why slow Windows XP startup occurs is because of faulty registry. Your Windows XP computer started out fast and furious when you first bought it. But how come after a few years it became sluggish and problematic? Its mainly because of age and as this happens, many of your computers files and programs leave scattered data in the sectors. The registry also becomes faulty because installed programs can be uninstalled, deleted, moved or altered and may leave bits of information that can interfere with other major functions and commands.

If your computer takes more than 5 minutes to startup, then you have a slow Windows XP startup problem. In order to solve this, you can try a number of fixes that are readily available in your computer before you purchase something.

** Here are some available solutions that can help improve slow Windows XP startup:

– Use your computers DISK CLEANUP tool or browse your list of programs and uninstall the ones that are idle or unnecessary.

Heres how to uninstall:

click CONTROL PANEL -> select PROGRAMS -> select UNINSTALL Programs -> click on the program you wish to uninstall

– DEFRAGMENT your hard disk drives because as time passes, your files become fragmented and scattered all throughout your hard disk. When this happens, it difficult for your computer to load, scan and function efficiently. You can schedule the defragmentation process at least once a week to achieve optimum computer performance.

– Disable programs that are on automatic start-up mode and disconnect unused network connections. These can slow down your start-up process since these programs also start-up simultaneously. Browse your computers Task Manager and look for the programs that you no longer use and then disable them.

Disconnect your computer from the network if you are not going online or set a schedule with the other network users if you cannot avoid using the network.

– Use anti-virus and anti-spyware to scan your system for unwanted invaders. Make sure that you have a live and running anti-virus and anti-spyware to protect your computer real-time. Scan flash drives and other devices before using them.
** An external solution that can effectively improve slow Windows XP startup:

Search for a registry repair program on the internet and run it to help fix your Windows XP startup problem. Make sure to look for a registry repair program that covers a wide variety of errors and can work on various Windows versions.

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