Social Work Degrees Online

Social work degrees train individuals to not only develop interesting career options for them but also educates them on numerous ways to serve the community. To cater to the students who are already working in the field or for people who would like to pursue higher education in the genre, there are a number of online social work degrees available across numerous international universities.

Social Work Degrees Online

Online social work degrees educate people to work for the less fortunate people who are trying to cope with various issues related to social, physical and mental trauma. After completing the online social work degrees, one becomes qualified to assist patients dealing with disabilities- physical, mental, drug addiction and also poverty. Online social work degrees therefore are best options one can take up incase they are passionate about working for the less privileged, down trodden and exploited population of the society.

Online social work degrees offer to the students a wide variety of degrees to opt for. From the bachelor to the associate and from masters to doctoral level degrees, the choice is yours. Opt for short term or full term degree courses and be assured of a great career ahead. Some of the popular fields of online social work degrees that one could opt for are:

– Mental Health Counseling

– Marriage and Family Therapy

– Pastoral Counseling

– Human Services

– Drug Counseling

– Human Environmental Sciences

– Family Financial Planning

– Rehabilitation Counseling

To enroll into online social work degrees you could try out from the below mentioned universities and institutes like:

– University of Alabama

– Penn Foster Schools

– Stratford Career Institute

– Liberty University

– Capella University

– University of Texas

– Florida State University

There are a number of online social work degrees in India as well. Institutes like Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bangalore University as well as University of Poona.

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