Three Popular Types Of Computer Forensics Certification

This article is about Three Popular Types Of Computer Forensics Certification. One of the most exciting fields to emerge in recent years is that of computer forensics. In order to become a computer forensics specialists you will need to get both proper computer forensics training and certification. In terms of certification, there are three popular certificates available to those considering becoming a computer forensics specialist.

Three Popular Types Of Computer Forensics Certification

By far the most well known is the CCFE, or the Certified Computer Forensics Examiner. To receive this certificate, you must be able to have knowledge in several different different areas, such as different investigation procedures, the tools that are used in computer forensics, recovery processes for hard disks and digital device and law ethics and legal questions and issues.

The CCFE certificate requires you take a three hour written exam as well as pass a hands on computer forensics testing process. To successfully pass, you will need to receive at least an 80% on the exams.

There are two other common certificates available as well that those who are interested in becoming a computer forensics specialist might want to consider. One as a Certified Information Systems Security Specialist (CISSP) and the other as a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE). The CISSP is an international standards examination for the computer forensics industry, and requires that you already have four years of experience in the computer forensics field. The CCE only requires 18 months of professional experience, and you will have to pass both an online examination and an examination of some test media.

For the best choices in this field, you will want both college level training in a computer related field (such as computer science) as well as pass at least one of these certificate examinations. Computer forensics is a field that will undoubtedly experience major growth in the future, as technology systems become both more sophisticated and hackers and other cyber criminals become more adept and prolific. For those looking for an exciting job in the computer field, computer forensics can be a rewarding choice!

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