What is acquired from an Associates’ Degree in General Studies?

The article concerns the following question – What is acquired from an Associates’ Degree in General Studies?

What is acquired from an Associates’ Degree in General Studies?

As the very name suggests, an associates’ degree in general studies is one that educates the student on general matters. It is like the first step towards any higher degree you may choose to pursue. The student gains basic knowledge in fields like science, math, English, history, etc.

Once the student completes this course, he can take up a bachelor’s degree in any area he wishes to specialize in. This degree gives the student a very strong foundation of the basics, giving the student a good scope in the options when it comes to choosing a subject of interest. This course, like most of the other associates’ degrees, lasts for a period of two years. It gives you the much required credits to apply for a full fledged degree along with a good knowledge of the fundamentals.

Some of the main areas taken up in an associates’ degree in general studies are – general knowledge, English composition, calculus, algebra, physics, biology, chemistry, geology, history, geography, art, literature, political science, civil studies, sociology, anthropology, public speaking, music appreciation, philosophy, photography, women and children studies, statistics, creative writing, government and politics, etc.

These areas and subjects vary from course to course as well as from student to student, depending on the subject combination the student opts for. They aim at developing the core skills of the student, such as his basic computer skills, general science skills, writing skills, mathematical skills, physics skills, philosophy skills, art skills, biology skills, geography skills, foreign language skills, and even his general history skills.

An associates’ degree in general studies prepares the student in many ways, making him computer literate, honing his statistical and mathematical skills, making him able to communicate and write clearly and speak publicly, and even bettering his analytical skills. This degree makes the student more broad minded, with a better understanding of the world culture and history, more ready to accept new ideas and better prepared to face the world. It also greatly helps in improving his self confidence and strengthening his self dignity.

This helps in faster and fuller development of the individual. It also helps the student climb the ladder of success faster with better abilities and honed skill sets. This degree allows the student to choose the subjects and classes according to his ease and interests, focusing on the student and his needs, rather than the course.

This course is a boon for students who appear for civil service examinations, where they are required to have an extensive knowledge of the basics. It lets the students utilize their time properly while they think of the field they want to make a career in. hence, if you are undecided on what course to take up, and do not want to waste your time, an associates’ degree in general studies is the right option for you.

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