What Is Forensic Anthropology?

The article concerns the following question – What Is Forensic Anthropology? One of the courses you may study if you pursue computer forensics training, is a class in forensics anthropology. Like other branches of anthropology, forensics anthropology involves the study of humans.

What Is Forensic Anthropology?

Forensics anthropology is a subspeciality of physical anthropology in particular, and it refers specifically to studying bones and human skeletal remains. But while much of physical anthropology is interested in determining what branch of hominids a certain set of bones may belong to, with forensic anthropology the focus is on homo sapiens and with determining who a certain set of bones is for the purpose of identification. Forensic anthropology focuses on determining the sex, ancestry, and age of a certain set of human bones, plus trying to identify the cause of death due to a type of injury, disease or homicide.

The findings of forensic anthropologists are often used in court cases, where they are often called as expert witnesses in criminal cases where homicide is suspected. One of the ways in which forensic anthropologists are most valuable to crime investigators is in their ability to do facial reconstructions of victims. By reconstructing facial bone fragments, forensic anthropologists can play a valuable role in identifying victims. This can both help with pending court cases and help family members know what happened to a loved one.

Bones can retain evidence of a persons reason for death from many different causes, including things such as gunshot wounds and disease. Blunt Force trauma often leaves quite obvious marks, but it often takes the skill and expertise of a forensic anthropologist to be able to tell what object was used in even obvious cases of blunt force trauma. Furthermore, forensic anthropologists can provide valuable testimony as to whether a wound was self inflicted, accidental or caused by another person.

Like with computer forensics software, there are particular software programs that a forensic anthropologist relies on to help them do their job effectively. The Fordisc program is one of the most popular software programs used by forensic anthropologists. This software helps them draw important conclusions about the race or ethnicity of a victim, and other factors important to identifying a set of remains.

Currently, there are only a few hundred experts in the United States who specialize in forensic anthropology. In order to pursue this occupation, one must also complete doctoral level training in physical anthropology. This means that forensic anthropologists are highly in demand by law enforcement agencies, historians and many others in the medical community at large.

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