What Will You Be Paid As A Computer Forensics Specialist?

The article concerns the following question – What Will You Be Paid As A Computer Forensics Specialist? These days, internet crime is on the rise and specialists in the field of computer forensics is more in demand than ever. If you decide to get training to become a computer forensics expert, you are likely wondering what you can expect in terms of you computer forensics salary.

What Will You Be Paid As A Computer Forensics Specialist?

In all honesty, this answer is a bit difficult to answer since what you will be paid will vary greatly depending on what skills and training you have and what sector of work you go into. As a computer forensics expert, you will have the opportunity to work both in public and private sector jobs. Public sector jobs may be for the military, law enforcement, or for various state or government agencies.

Generally public sector jobs pay less than many private sector ones, and they can be subject to budget constraint issues as well. Still, some of these jobs offer great benefits as well. If you decide to work in the public sector, you should expect a starting salary in the range of $50,000 to $70,000, although this can vary quite widely depending on what public sector agency you are working with.

Private sector jobs tend to have a more broader range of options and you will find positions available in many different geographical areas as well. That said, the best paying jobs are often located in urban centers such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C. or other metropolitan centers both in the United States and abroad.

Starting salaries for these positions will often start in the $50,000 range as well. There are many small consulting firms that offer more competitive salaries, but these jobs may be more difficult to find as well. One of the exciting elements of working in the private sector is the ability for your salary to grow as you gain more experience and move upwards in terms of your job designation and responsibilities. Team supervisors and managers for computer forensics agencies can sometimes earn upwards of $150,000 a year!

Given the projected rise in computer related crimes over the next decade, computer forensics is definitely an industry that is expecting growth in the future. There is anticipated to be a great need for new expertise in the field for decades to come, and if you decide to go into this field, you should be assured that there is considerable job growth and security for the years to come.

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