Writing A Dissertation Proposal

In the process of completing your thesis, writing the dissertation proposal is probably the most difficult part. The gathering of reference materials, conducting research and the writing process may prove to be easier than starting out and writing the dissertation proposal. Here, a student is expected to come up with a few sentences or paragraphs on an idea that he or she wishes to work on.

Writing A Dissertation Proposal

Among the many questions that need to be answered is “Is the subject viable and relevant to the field of study?” The dissertation proposal should also give the reader an overview of the limitations of the research. More importantly, the dissertation proposal should be able to convince your thesis supervisor that the subject that you have chosen is worth pursuing.

As you pursue a higher level of learning, it is better to start right away and begin thinking of a feasible topic for your dissertation. While you are at it, you can start writing a dissertation proposal. In order to make the most out of your efforts in researching, you need to start as early as possible and be organized in writing and gathering your dissertation material.

The first step in writing a dissertation proposal is to choose an area of study first, then choose a specific topic. Second, you need to make sure that the topic is interesting, viable, feasible, manageable and solvable. Never choose s topic where a similar material has been published before, and finally, make sure that it is worthy of your time before sitting down and formally writing a dissertation proposal.

Now, after choosing a topic, you can proceed with writing a dissertation proposal. The basic parts will include the introduction, the problem statement, the basic structure and the methodology that you will use in the dissertation process. Although it would help, it does not necessarily mean that you need to scourge the Internet or a local library about everything that was conceivably written relating to the topic that you have chosen. Instead, you need to look for material which is most relevant to your topic, and which will help you write a suitable dissertation proposal.

As you seek the advise of your dissertation supervisor, you can discuss the limitations of the study that you will conduct, which should also be clearly indicated on the dissertation proposal that you will write. Finally, it is helpful to answer the ‘why’ questions while you are in the process of writing your dissertation proposal.

After clearly stating the problem that will be the subject of your dissertation, you can state the reasons why the problem came about, the importance of solving that particular problem, and finally, how you are going to look for answers. With these easy-to-follow tips, you can easily write a dissertation proposal which will be your first step in completing your dissertation as a part of your post-graduate studies.

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