Writing An Essay

Not all essays are created equal. You can probably not exhaust all the types of narrative, descriptive, argumentative, personal, literary and academic essays that are possible for anybody to write. However, the main format and form of any type of essay have one thing in common – they should be readable; should be arranged in such a way that there is a beginning, middle and end; it should be easily understood and must capture the attention of most readers from as early as the first statement.

Writing An Essay

When writing an essay, you need to take all of these factors into consideration so that you can come up with a good composition. First things first, you need to gather all the material that you need in writing the essay. Whether the topic is assigned or not, having more than enough material to work on is a good start. Secondly, you need to have a good opening paragraph when writing an essay. Remember that this should easily capture the attention of your reader. Just like when reading a book, if the first few pages would not grab you, then you will most likely put it down rather than reading on. The same thing applies to a short essay that is why your introduction should be a strong statement.

In essay writing, there is no specific format or a specific length that needs to be followed. However, if you are just starting out in composing essays, you can use the classic layout which is the five-paragraph essay. Once you have managed to get the reader involved with a good opening paragraph, then it is time to build up on your introduction by composing the body of the essay. If you will follow the five-paragraph pattern in writing an essay, then you need to start the first paragraph on the body of your essay by building and working on your strongest points. The finale of the first paragraph should serve as an introduction to the succeeding points that you need to discuss.

The second paragraph of the classic five-paragraph format in writing an essay should include supporting facts and the basis from where the main concept is built. This should answer the hanging question that you left on the first paragraph on the body of the e-mail. Meanwhile, the third paragraph on the body of the essay should contain the not-so-strong arguments which still support the main theme, but are still significant enough to warrant mentioning.

Finally, the concluding paragraph located at the end of the body of an essay should be a summary of all the important points that you have previously raised. The five-paragraph essay is a good start and a good model to follow as you start out in the field of essay writing. Once you have mastered the art of composing and writing an essay that is entertaining and informative, you can revise this format and have more freedom in writing those essays to help develop your writing skills.

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