Slow Computer Performance

There could be any number of reasons for your slow computer performance. Luckily almost none of them require professional computer repairperson attention. Most of the things that cause slow computer performance can be avoided by some routine maintenance. This maintenance is far from complicated. In fact, your computer should come in with easy systems in place to let you perform this regular maintenance yourself!

Slow Computer Performance

On a regular basis you will want to check your computer over. Make sure that the cables are all still in good condition. Check the connection plugs for loose wires or for fraying in the cable sheaths. If you spot anything that looks amiss, replace the cables immediately. Cables are things that, once they start to wear out, they wear out very quickly. While you are checking your cables, this is a good time to check the batteries in any of the wireless devices you might be using (mouse, keyboard, speakers). Batteries should be changed regularly. Waiting for them to die naturally could spell disaster later on.

After you have checked over the outside of your computer, you will need to check the inside of your computer. The first thing you will want to do is to go through your hard drive and documents folder. Delete the files that you are not using and save the rest to a disc or upload them to an online portal. Flickr and Photobucket are wonderful receptacles for pictures (which take up a ton of space).

After you check your files, you will want to look at the programs you have installed. Do you still need those game programs? If you don’t recognize a program, run a check on the internet (some programs essential to the continued functionality of your computer will have crazy names). Delete all of the programs that you no longer use. Think of it this way: if you decide later that you want to use the program, you can always re-install it!

After you have done the manual deleting, you will want to run your anti-virus program and your spyware detection program. These programs will find any malware that is on your computer and make sure that it is threat-free.

Lastly you will want to run your Scan Disk, your Disk Cleanup and your Disk Defragmentor. These will clean up everything that you have missed and put all of your files back into their proper places. It is amazing how those slow computer performance problems just clean up when everything is “clean and organized.”

Slow computer performance is annoying. After all, we have gotten used to our computers being able to perform functions in less than a blink of an eye. When things start to take longer we get impatient and irritated. After all, most of us rely on the computer for a variety of things. Slow computer performance is something that is easy to fend off and easy to thwart, all it takes is a little bit of time every week or so and you could greatly extend the life of your computer.

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