Associate degree in Nursing

An Associate Degree in Nursing is usually a two year to three year course which is available by many institutes all over the world. The said degree is well designed to provide required knowledge and skills to the students so that they can become competent enough and accountable nurse in a variety of settings. While pursuing the associate degree in nursing, the student is not only provided with classroom education but also taught patient care simulation and lab skills.

Associate degree in Nursing

They are provided clinical experience in hospitals so that they get accustomed to the practical environment and the various instruments used by a nurse while fulfilling their work. A student will have to clear one more exam known as the national licensing examination also after obtaining the associate degree. Clearing the said exam will enable the individual to obtain the nursing license required by him or her to work as a nurse.

One should know that there is an increasing demand of nurses in the society due to the increasing number of elderly people who require nursing care as well as increasing emphasis on the preventive care and patients care. Looking at the increasing demand and requirement of nurses, there are numerous individuals who enroll themselves to pursue Associate Degree in Nursing.

After becoming a registered nurse, the individual can work either in hospitals or as in the offices of different physicians or work in home healthcare services or in nursing care facilities. They can also take up a job in government agencies or social assistance agencies or in educational services.

A registered nurse is able to earn a standard living after receiving an Associate Degree in Nursing. In fact there are many employers in this field who are ready to offer flexible work schedules to the nurses as well as child care, some education benefits as well as bonuses. There are some goals that are kept in mind while offering an Associate Degree in Nursing.

These goals include making the student capable enough so that they are able to judge and evaluate the illness status of the individual or the patient. They are trained well enough so that they are able to support optimal levels of individual wellness within the community. Another major goal is that the student should be able to relate as well as interpret various research findings in respect to the nursing practice situations. Further the student start valuing the nursing process as the means of providing care to selected clients, families and groups.

After obtaining an associate degree in nursing the student is not only able to provide direct care to the patients but also becomes capable enough to develop a comprehensive plan of care as well as facilitate development of optimum levels of health for its clients and their families. Last but not the least become a successful nurse.

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