Associates Degree In Nursing

If you have zeal to serve the mankind than a career in Nursing would be ideal for you. There are a number of programs available in Associates degree and Bachelor’s degree to become a qualified nurse but if you want to turn your dream into reality in a short span than Associates degree would be ideal for you. Online Associates degree in Nursing is also offered by several accredited universities for convenience of the students. Read on to find more.

Associates Degree In Nursing


Benefits of Associates Degree in Nursing

One has noticed several changes in the healthcare industries in the past decade. The parameters required to make a successful career has got tougher and only a few best ends up getting a job they dream of. Private sector hospitals are on constant look out for the medical professions best in the industry and are ready to pay handsomely too. This has put a lot of pressure on young medical aspirants to enroll in the right degree program.

They end up following the traditional method of degree programs, which certainly is not wrong but in the past decade, several degree programs have been introduced for the betterment and convenience of students. One such program in nursing is the Associates degree program.

Associates degree in Nursing is offered by number of accredited colleges, technical institutes, trade schools and universities. This is a two year program, where students get to learn the intricacies of nursing science, technical medical skills, health care management, interacting with patients, behavioral aspects and much more.
After completing Associates degree in Nursing you need to appear for the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) at the state board of nursing to acquire your license as a Registered Nurse. This national level exam is mandatory for any individual aspiring to become a Nurse and secure jobs at public or private hospitals and medical centers. The exam covers four aspects of medical science psychosocial integrity, safe and effective care environment, physiology integrity and heath maintenance and promotion. Associates degree programs cover all these aspects and prepare students to successfully clear this exam.

Difference between Bachelors degree in Nursing and Associates degree in Nursing

The tenure of a bachelor’s degree in nursing is for four years whereas the Associate degree can be earned in just two years. However after completion of either the programs one has to appear for the NCLEX and pass the exam to be a registered Nurse. Students holding bachelor’s degree concentrate more on related preparatory skill, liberal arts and health care management whereas Associate degree holders concentrate on health care and general nursing.

Associates degree in Nursing is available at very affordable prize in contrast to the fees for bachelor’s degree that is often on a higher side. This is a boon to students from weaker financial background, now they can earn a degree at an affordable prize and start working at the end of two year program unlike students of bachelor’s degree program who have to put in four years in the degree program and then start to work. Jobs are easily available to registered nurses in any public or private hospitals.

It does not matter whether he or she has a bachelor’s degree or associates degree to her credit. The salary too does not differ on the basis of your degree. A registered nurse usually earns salary of $40000 at the entry level irrespective if she has an associates or bachelors degree. The perks, bonuses and other benefits do not differ on the basis of your degree program. They are all paid equally as per norms of department of labour.

Benefits of Online Associates Degree Programs

If you are a housewife or a working professional and would like to pursue a career in nursing with associate degree program in nursing than a number of sacrifices and adjustments are required to be done from your end in order to attend your university or college lectures. It’s not you but your family also needs to adjust and give in to your demands of time and availability. Working professionals need to give up their job and attend full time college in order to earn a degree.

All this might not to simple if you have your family commitments and responsibilities on your shoulders. Two years might seem short in the beginning but it can take a toll on your family in the due course. So what would you do in such scenarios? Give up your dream of a great professional career and a high income or look out for alternatives to achieve it. If you are an optimistic person, you would surely do the latter. Look for alternatives.
On such alternative for conventional colleges and universities are online degrees. Online degrees are offered in various professional programs and fast gaining huge popularity especially amongst working professionals. As working professionals do not need to give up their current jobs to earn a degree. Instead they can work and earn an associates degree in their spare time online. The syllabus followed in online programs is at par with any accredited colleges or universities.

The training staff is highly qualified and holds expertise in their subjects. They guide the students at every juncture in the two year program. The online programs are designed in a way that students can finish the program earlier than the stipulated time by putting in extra hours of work and study on the subjects. Many students might have apprehensions about doing online degree programs as they might not end up getting jobs.

But this is untrue, today everyone are aware of this mode of education and its benefits. It really doesn’t matter whether the degree is earned online or through conventional college. The only thing that matter is the university awarding the degree and skill level of the individual. However after completing of the online Associates degree program in Nursing, students should apply for the licensure exam to be a registered nurse.

Below mentioned are some of the best universities and colleges that offer Associate degree program in Nursing:

Colorado Technical University
Keiser University
Kaplan University
Grand Canyon University
Saint Francis University

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