How To Improve PC Performance

A brand new PC is fast and performs 100%. But as time passes and the normal wear and tear, your PC can become slow and sluggish at some point. Some computers with zero maintenance from the time it was purchased definitely need something done to improve the speed and performance to at least 75% of its original state.

How To Improve PC Performance

There are things you can do on how to improve PC performance. You dont need to replace your computer or your CPU if that is what youre thinking because you can utilize your computers tools to fix errors and clean up the clutter in your hard disk. These can cause a slow-down in computers and may eventually lead to system crash and freeze-ups.
** How to improve PC performance using your built-in utilities and tools:

– Remove unused/idle programs in your hard disk

Idle programs, particularly those that were downloaded from the net, should be removed from your hard disk since they occupy memory space and may use some resources from your computer. This can slow-down and affect your computers performance.

Here is how to remove programs from your computer:

click START -> click CONTROL PANEL -> click ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAM -> choose REMOVE PROGRAMS -> select the program you wish to remove [one at a time] -> click REMOVE/CHANGE

Note: use the wizard window and follow the instructions from there

– Use Disk Cleanup

Increase your pcs performance by removing recycle bin files, old CHKDSK files and temporary files.

Here is how to use the Disk Cleanup:

click START -> click ALL PROGRAMS -> click ACCESSORIES -> choose SYSTEM TOOLS -> click DISK CLEANUP ->select DRIVE [this will appear through a selection window] -> select the file/s you wish to remove -> click OK

Note: you can repeat the process for all drives

– Defragment your hard drive/s

If you want to know how to improve PC performance effectively, defragmenting your hard drive is one of the proven methods. Hard disk drives contain partitions and these become fragmented when you create and save files, delete old folders, delete or move files/folders from one disk to another. This process slows down your computer because the system needs to locate for the files/programs every time you need them.

Defragmenting your computers files will help increase your PCs performance because the fragmented files in various partitions will be put back together for a more efficient access. It is advisable to defrag your hard drives at least once a week. You may schedule this process so you wont have to do it manually.

Heres how to use your PCs Defrag:

click START -> click ALL PROGRAMS -> click ACCESSORIES -> select SYSTEM TOOLS -> click DISK DEFRAGMENTER -> click the volume that you wish to defrag -> click DEFRAGMENT -> your Disk Defragmenter will display results -> click VIEW REPORT to view the detailed info of the volume youve defragmented

– Clean your PCs Windows registry

Cleaning your PCs Windows registry is one of the best methods on how to improve PC performance. Your PCs Windows registry is an essential component of Windows OS which contains the hardware, software, installed programs and preference settings. It is also a database that stores the settings and options for Windows OS such as login information and configuration of installed applications.

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