Make computer run faster

The following article gives information on how to Make computer run faster. When you bought your brand new PC it was one fast machine. It booted quickly. You opened programs with lightning speed! You were proud to show it off whenever friends came around.

Make computer run faster

But now it seems to take forever for your PC to do anything. You don’t understand, but you need to make PC run faster again. What could have happened?

There are several things that will make a computer run slow. Viruses, spyware, and other malware could very likely the slowing your PC down. They all use up valuable resources, like memory, that your computer uses to run efficiently. They may be “phoning home” with information about your computer and activities, letting someone else know way too much about your personal life and slowing down your internet connection speed.
So you want to know how to make computer run faster? First of all, you need to get rid of the viruses and other malware that have infected it. But there may be more problems involved.

Even if you don’t have any infections, there are other things that can slow your PC down over time. A fragmented drive will slow it down. Defragmenting the drive will make PC run faster. The registry, the huge database tells your computer how to run your files and programs can become corrupted and bloated. It will take a long time for the computer to scan it before starting to operate. The registry should be cleaned to make PC run faster, too. But if you mess up the registry the computer may never run again!

So what are your options? Your cousin Benny says he knows how to make computer run faster, but do you really trust him? You could take it to a local computer repair shop; they should know what they’re doing, but do you really want to unplug everything and then put it back together again, maybe days or weeks later?

Another option is to find a good online repair site and let them fix you up. They can connect to your computer over the internet and get your machine running like new again.

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