Online MBA Degree in Finance

In the article we will be discussing Online MBA Degree in Finance. A Master of Business Administration in Finance can advance your financial management career to Chief Financial Officer of any company.  With a bachelor’s degree in finance, you may be preparing financial reports – but with an MBA in Finance, you will be managing the people that prepare financial reports.  As the CFO of a major corporation, you will need those reports to direct the financial goals, objectives and budgets of the organization that you manage.  Graduates with an MBA in Finance also work as credit managers, controllers, and investment managers.

Online MBA Degree in Finance

Finance management is the task of taking the financial reports of an organization, reading them, and making recommendations as to where the organization’s money should go.  As simple as this sounds, directing investment activities and developing cash management strategies for any size organization requires critical thinking skills and an advanced knowledge of business theory.

Every aspect of the success of any business depends on the person in charge of spending.  Money touches every part of a business, including real estate, human capital, technology, and the supply chain.  Without the proper management of investments and cash flow, a company cannot survive.

Earning an MBA in Finance will provide you with the opportunity to learn how to manage the money of individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.  You will be exposed to the changing environment of business – including ecommerce, global investment management, and current legal financial responsibility.

You will learn how to use accounting, finance, and investments to improve a business process through innovative financial solutions.  This will be accomplished through a combination of case study and a hands-on approach to problem solving and making critical decisions through forecasting and managing financial change.  An MBA in Finance brings together the management side of business with the financial side to create a synthesized view of assessment and action that will help you throughout your financial management career.

To begin an MBA in Finance, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in a business related field and take the GMAT.  In an MBA degree program with a concentration in finance, your first year will be spent taking general graduate level business classes.  Typical classes will include Leading for Results, Marketing and Brand Management, Operations and Process Management, Applied Managerial Statistics, Accounting, Financial Management, Managing Information Assets and Technology, and Strategic Planning.  In the second year, finance specialization classes will include Financial Markets and Institutions, Advanced Finance, Bank Management, International Financial Management, Investment and Portfolio Management, Risk Management, and Corporate Finance Analysis and Decisions.  You may also be required to complete an internship and a final capstone project.

Career Opportunities for Financial Managers

Career Opportunities for financial managers are generally found at the top of any organization.  This includes positions as chief financial officers, credit managers, investment managers, controllers, and financial advisors.   Financial managers can work in any industry where the management of money is necessary, which means work is available everywhere.  This includes working in the public and private sector, non-profits and the government.  Financial managers and advisors command high salaries, and those that understand ecommerce and global business are especially in demand.

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