Speed Up computers

There are many tempting files and programs on the internet that some people deliberately put into their computers. But those elements are not always 100% safe and reliable because certain viruses and spyware are attached to them. These harmful elements from the internet are typically from unscrupulous websites and hackers.

Speed Up computers

With that said, any unsuspecting computer user is bound for trouble in the coming days. If you have just experienced sluggishness and dragging process from your machine, youre probably already wondering how to speed up computers when these problems occur.

There are many ways to speed up computers even without spending a dime. You may use your computers utilities and built-in tools to do so. And always check to see the difference by restarting your computer and taking note of the time when an application is being opened and saved.

** Here are some of the things that you can do to speed up computers:

– Scan your computer for viruses and spyware

Viruses and spyware can cause computer slow down especially when the system has been infested for a while already. Speed is one indication of a computers performance, so if it is already dragging and a hassle to your productivity, scan your computer right away.

– Disable the programs that are on automatic start-up mode

These programs may drag not just the booting/start-up process, but also the access time of other applications. Disable these programs if you dont need them immediately and just access them through the desktop shortcut.

– Uninstall unused/idle programs

Unused and idle programs take up memory space in your hard disk. With less memory, speed and performance issues may arise. Uninstall only those programs that you have downloaded and you are familiar with because there are programs in your computer that seem to look idle but play vital roles in the process.

– Use the System File Checking utility

Use System File Checking to fix corrupted files in your computer. Use this utility regularly to speed up your computers processes.

– Defragment hard drive

Defragmenting is a process of putting together the fragments of information that scatter throughout your hard drive for faster and smoother computer access. Set the schedule to defrag your hard drive/s to ensure faster and efficient computer usage all the time.

– Use Windows registry repair software

Windows registry repair software can help fix most of computer problems. It can fix computer errors, helps optimize speed and performance, backs-up data, and many others.

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