Speed Up Laptop

Laptops, like PC desktops, have the same function in our everyday lives. As time goes, they also age and slow down. This doesnt always mean that a replacement should be purchased right away even without checking the possible solution to speed up laptops. It may be true for some that changing or buying a new computer is the best solution to keep up with the technology, but it is an investment and not everyone has enough budget to buy a new unit every 3 years.

Speed Up Laptop

You dont always need money to speed up laptop since there are several things that you can do with on-hand utilities and tools. Be reminded though that you dont need to force anything or do drastic things [and decisions] in fixing the speed problem of your laptop. You can always call a technician to fix your laptop if you dont know what to do.

** Here are some of the [available on-hand in your laptop] utilities/tools that you can use to speed up laptop by yourself:

– System File Checking

Use this utility to fix corrupt or altered files which reside in your laptop for years. After using this tool, you can check the difference by accessing the internet, shutting down and starting up again or by opening multiple files and programs simultaneously.

– Anti programs

Viruses and spyware can slow down your computer because take up memory space and do other damaging effects unnoticed.

Windows PCs and laptops have built-in firewall and your computer retailer must have advised you to install an anti-virus and anti-spyware to protect your machine before. There are also retailers who will install anti-virus programs for free as part of their service. Nevertheless make sure that you have one installed and running live each time you an online.

– Uninstall

Use your laptops Uninstall utility to remove unused programs from your machine. These programs may not be in used but they still take up space and may hamper the loading process of other programs.

– Defragment

Defragmenting your laptops hard drive guarantees that all of your files components are in one place. When a files components are scattered in the hard drives partitions, this can slow down your laptops speed and may eventually affect its overall performance.
** One good solution to speed up laptop when you have tried all your on-hand resources:

Windows registry repair

Every Windows desktop PC and laptop has a Windows registry which is actually a database. It needs to b cleaned, scanned and fixed for errors in order for your laptop or desktop to function efficiently. Using a Windows registry repair program will help you do all these.

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