The need to stop BSOD or blue screen of death is one of the dreaded conditions a computer user may experience. No one wants his/her computer to malfunction even if it is already old. But truly, BSOD is a manifestation of age and that its time to really consider a few options to save or replace your computer.


In order to stop BSOD, you need more than just a quick fix because this condition can lead to more serious computer problems such as system crashes and a total meltdown. Not that temporary solutions are useless, but the need to fix the deepest possible cause is vital in stopping BSOD and other potential errors that go with it.

If you wish to stop BSOD for good, there is one possible culprit that has led this situation to happen to your computer. An overloaded Windows registry may lead to BSOD and others. The registry has thousands of settings- some are for Windows usage and some are for applications such as software that are run on your computer.

Over time, Windows registry can become crowded because of erroneous entries which were left mostly by incomplete uninstall processes, application errors and misapplied tweaks. Moving various files without caution can lead to other problems since there could be a number of registry entries that point to the previous location on your computer.

** How to stop BSOD

A Windows registry repair program can help you solve this problem. The main purpose of registry repair programs is to improve the speed and performance of computers especially the older versions.

Basically, Windows has a database which is used for storing system information that is essential for configuring the operating system that manages log on settings and files used by the users. Windows registry also maintains information that helps configure hardware and software that your computer runs.

When your computer is being used, its database info is often referred to. The central registry is where incoming info is kept and re-arranged as the number of data increases over time. This increase slows down your computer apart from its age and manner of usage.

BSOD happens when the errors have already reached a point that they cannot fix themselves or none in your computers system can do anything. Stopping BSOD at the onset is typically stopping the smaller errors early with the use of registry repair program.

You should look for a registry repair program that covers a wide variety of errors and can work on various Windows versions, covers a wide-range of error-correcting capabilities, and it should provide maintenance and back-up facilities.

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