Why is my computer so slow

The article concerns the following question – Why is my computer so slow. It happens to everyone at one time or another. Suddenly you begin to wonder, “ why is my computer slow ”? You load up a program that used to take a couple of seconds to load and you hear the clanking and revving of a hard drive that sounds like it is laboring and you wonder is the reason my computer is slow that the thing is just giving out? While some of the older models of computer might actually be failing due to old age, many of the answers to the question of “ why is my computer slow ” has to do now with the hardware but the software you do or do not have.

Why is my computer so slow

Malware is a special program that is specially designed to attach itself to your computer as you are surfing the web. The least malicious of these troubling programs will attach tracking cookies to your hard drive that will tell programmers what kind of sites you like to go to. This allows them to know what sort of products they should be marketing to you when you are online. Spyware serves the same sort of purpose and can also make you say to yourself “ my computer is slow “ when in fact the computer is slow because it is multitasking and sending information to people you most definitely do not want having any information on you at all.

Anti-virus software is the best way to go about defeating Spyware and Malware and the best software out there will come equipped with an updater that will constantly be on the lookout for new and even more advanced spy software. Once these Malware and Spyware programs are dealt with most computers will run as if they just came out of the box.

If Malware isn’t the culprit defragging your hard drive can be another way to go. Whenever we use our computers we tend to get little bits and pieces of data floating around in our hard drive and this will slow the computer down as it attempts to figure out what to do with these data bits. Defragging will compress the data back into solid chunks, making it easier for the computer to read and speed it back up.

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