A Slow Computer Performance

A Slow Computer Performance is one of the most frustrating aspects of owning a computer. After all, when you first take it out of the box and hook it up, it runs perfectly! It’s fast and reliable and, well, why can’t it just keep running reliably and fast? The sad truth is your computer will slow down as it gets older. The parts and processors simply show their age the longer you have your computer and it just physically cannot run as quickly as it did when it was fresh out of the box. There is a difference of course between the normal wear and tear of age and other slow computer performance.

A Slow Computer Performance

One of the reasons for your slow computer performance could be that your hard drive is filled with parts of programs that you thought you had uninstalled. Unfortunately simply clicking on the “uninstall” option is not enough to make sure that each and every file of a computer gets erased from the hard drive. Some files and processes from a program are often left behind. Maybe another program uses some of the same functions or maybe one of uninstalled program’s files found its way to another program folder and has been hiding there.

Nobody is sure why program files like to wander like they do, but the best way to make sure everything is located correctly is to do a regular hard drive defragmentation.

There are a number of programs available on the internet to clean up your computer and get rid of all of those straggling files and processes from the programs you meant to uninstall. These programs are not hard to operate and most of them come with easy to follow instructions. A simple web search will help you find the best one for you.

Another reason that for the slow computer performance could be that the security software that is installed in full of stuff that you just do not need. Unfortunately those “must have” security systems come with a bunch of excess software and require a large portion of your computer system’s memory and resources. Sure you want to keep your system virus and problem free, but the ever present system surveillance can quickly tire out your system.

There are a number of baggage-free security software programs available. Again, a simple web search will yield a number of results. Another option is to simply go without security software, but the sad truth is this: your system’s firewall just is not as good at thwarting the “bad guys” as the downloadable security software is. In this age of wireless internet, you will need to have something strong to keep your computer safe.

Slow computer performance can be caused by any number of situations. You might need to check your system for programs that haven’t been uninstalled as thoroughly as advertised or your security system could be hogging the resources. Whatever the reason for your slow computer performance, you should know that there are a great many ways to take care of the problem yourself.

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