How To Make My Computer Faster

The article gives some basic information on How To Make My Computer Faster. When a computer does not run at its optimal performance, it is a very frustrating experience. There seem to be programs on every Internet home page that claim to speed up the computers, yet they do not seem to work. What causes computers to slow down and what can be done about increasing computer speed. Understanding the details of why computers slow down is the first step in restoring a unit from its current state to a faster computer. Unfortunately, the question of how to make computer faster is not always as easy as it sounds.

How To Make My Computer Faster

Just as an automobile would, it is important that a computer system be serviced at regular intervals. Several factors can cause computer performance degradation including installing and un-installing a large number of software and the intrusion of Mal-ware, spy-ware, and viruses. On occasion, a piece of hardware that is failing can cause a slowing affect on normal operation. During a typical servicing, these issues would be found.

The Windows registry is closest to be described as the DNA of a computer. All information of is stored in this file called keys. Each key serves a different function of storing information about the computer hardware and the software installed on the computer including global and user settings. What does this do with how to make my PC faster you are asking?

Every piece of software that is installed adds keys to the registry so that the computer can understand what the program is, and how it works. In most cases, the keys that are placed into the registry are good, but in certain situations, an errant key can be installed. This has the potential to create confusion as Windows attempts to read and comprehend the bad data. As well, when an individual uninstalls the software, they registry keys are left behind leaving a clutter of keys in the system registry.

As the registry is such an integral portion of the Windows operating system substructure, it is extremely critical that only individuals whom understand exactly what the specific keys are of the registry are attempting to remove errant data. Current down-loadable registry cleaning software is dangerous to operate as they often remove portions of the registry without warning. If a wrong key is removed from the registry, the entire operating system can be rendered useless.

The operating system places files in a logical order so that the data and software can be quickly loaded by the operating system. After a period, these chunks of files become out of order to fill gaps within the hard disk platters. This causes systems to take longer to load programs and access large files. A defragmentation program allows the hard disk to be placed back in the logical order that the hard disk expects resulting in a faster computer.

Mal-ware is the newest term that is short for malicious software. This software is designed to cause damage or perform undesirable actions on an individuals software and data. Mal-ware is the primary cause for a faster computer suddenly performing very sluggish. This type of software is typically divided into four variations known as Trojan horses, worms, spy-ware, and viruses. As with colds in humans, the severity of the software depends upon the strain that infects the computer, and can slow the performance of even a faster computer. Removing these troublesome applications can be difficult but is integral in increasing computer speed.

What are Trojan horses and how to make my PC faster if I have them? Trojan horses were named after the legend of the Greeks leaving a large wooden horse with soldiers inside to trick and defeat their Trojan enemies. Essentially, the software does the same feat. It acts as useful software that most users would like to download. Once the software is on the computer and executed, the malicious portion of the program is unleashed. Typically, these are used to send credit card information, attack other computers, or delete the files on a hard disk. This specific type of Mal-ware is extremely tough to recognize and remove once the software has been installed.

How to make computer faster with a Trojan virus? The largest problem with Trojan horses is that most people do not know that they are infected until it is too late. Quite often people find out that their computer is infected by being told by others that their machines are attempting to attack their personal computer. Fortunately, a standard computer check-up will detect and remove these bothersome pieces of software increasing computer speed.

What are worms and how to make my PC faster if I have them? Computer worms typically do not transmit sensitive information or cause harm to your files, but are software that is designed to replicate itself without any execution by the user. These files move from one side of the computer system to another leaving their duplicates all over the file system and memory. Eventually the computer system memory becomes full causing the computer to slow or halt. Other issues can include the filling of the hard disk drive so that data cannot be stored.

How to make computer faster with Worms? This software does not physically harming data or performing illegal activities, the detection of these files is more difficult than a standard virus. The nature of the software starting as one, and duplicating itself causes the initial effect on the operating system to be minimal. Once several thousand of these files exist, the RAM memory is filled with the infected files attempting to duplicate themselves again. Unfortunately, the only method to increasing computer speed is to remove every worm in the file system.

What are viruses and how to make my PC faster if I have one? Viruses are a form of Mal-ware that spreads through a computer network or the Internet. Depending upon the strain of the virus it could affect many subsystems within the computer. Typically, most viruses act in a damaging function by removing a portion of data or applications. This occasionally will render the operating system inoperable. Other forms of viruses include annoyances such as popping up messages to the user, often telling them they are infected and need to download a piece of software to remove the virus. Most of the time the supposed cure is actually a Trojan virus that is out to steal personal information and credit card numbers.

How to make computer faster with a Virus? Like the affects they have on a computer, the methods of removing viruses can vary on difficulty. Some minor viruses are easy to remove through simple scans, yet other viruses require intense removal procedures to rid the system of all affects. It is often recommended that a professional remove the virus to ensure all portions are completely removed as most have worm like capabilities.

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