How to speed up computer

The article gives some basic information on How to speed up computer. With the push of a button, the computer used to boot up within in seconds, and it cost a pretty penny to make sure it was the fastest computer available. Multitasking was a breeze, but caused it to slow down. There are ways to learn how to speed up computer.

How to speed up computer


What Makes a Computer Slow

There are a few reasons why a computers performance decreases. For example, when programs are installed or removed the hard drive and registry change.

The more programs that are set to load when the computer starts the slower the process will get. It can take so long that the system appears to freeze up, and with so many programs loaded and running in the background the overall PC performance will be sluggish.

Surfing the Internet can be great, but malicious programs can slither their way onto the hard-drive and slow down a computer. SpyWare and Malware can invade a PC undetected. Malicious software may install itself when while visiting certain websites, or it may be a part of a downloaded file or program.

Viruses can infect a computer by copying itself onto the hard-drive; malicious software and viruses can be hidden in the start-up, registry, and other areas. Many viruses are attached to e-mails, instant messages and downloaded files. Malicious software slows down a computer speed and viruses can cause major problems.

There are safe and effective ways to speed up computer. Removing viruses, Malware and Spyware from the hard-drive can make the computer faster. Increasing computer speed should include cleaning up the registry and Defragging the hard-drive. Windows depends on the registry to operate properly; the registry is a vital part of a PC’s performance because it controls how the operating system and applications on a computer function.

Safe and Secure Ways to Speed up Computer

Stop malicious programs from starting during the boot process, and repair a corrupt registry. Scan and remove all traces of Malware, SpyWare and Viruses. Defrag the hard-drive on a regular schedule. This is how to speed up computer safely.

Repair and fix these causes, and a computer will run faster and smoother.

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