Linux Certified Professional

The simplicity of Microsoft’s Windows has made it the ideal operating system for most home and business computer users. But its very simplicity is what makes it incapable of the remarkable system capabilities which IT professionals can achieve with Linux. As more and more businesses begin to demand those capabilities for their business applications, Linux may become the OS of choice for the workplace. And the Linux certified professional will be one of the very first to benefit significantly from such a transition.

Linux Certified Professional

A Linux certified professional, as the name implies, is a technology professional proficient enough in the Linux operating system to have been officially recognized for their skills. Becoming a Linux certified professional is not a matter of appealing to a single supervisory entity. Like becoming Sun Certified for Java-proficient IT professionals, becoming a Linux certified professional requires passing an exam offered by Novell, Red Hat Inc, the Linux Professional Institute, and the Computing Technology Industry Association.

Of the two certifications offered by Novell, the Certified Linux Professional and the certified Linux Engineer, the CLP is the one most in demand. To become a Novell Certified Linux Engineer you have to get the CLP, and then become adept at managing a network, and become intimate with the workings of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Of those organizations offering Linux certified professional exams, Red Hat has by far the most demanding program. Their Linux Certification is simply one part of their Red Hat Certification Program, and while the other companies offering Linux Certification exams use only multiple choice questions, Red Hat’s exam is performance based.

Being recognized as a Linux certified professional will be proof of your knowledge of the Linux OS and may open the way to job advancement. While MS Windows is currently the dominant IT OS, Linux is gradually gaining market share and as it does, those who have reached Linux certified professional standing will not lack for job opportunities.

Linux certified professionals, whether they have passed the shorter exams offered by Novell or the nearly full-day Red Hat test, will be recognized for having mastered the technical intricacies of Linux and the software based on it. In addition, many a Linux certified professional has learned enough in preparing for the certification exam to feel comfortable exploring new aspects of Linux.

Because of their proven skills, Linux certified professionals are in great demand as consultants for those businesses which do not have their own Linux experts on staff. The confidence with which they approach any problems in a business application using the Linux OS will set them apart from other IT professionals who have to feel their way along as they seek solutions.

There are many times, in the business worlds, when a company in need of IT assistance does not really know where to turn for appropriate help. An IT professional who has been certified in as many operating systems, software applications, and computer languages as possible can be a true lifesaver in many different situations, and having Linux certification on that list of accomplishments will never be a negative.

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