Java Certification Course

The Sun Java certification course is designed to prepare participants for jobs in developing software applications and in creating and transitioning enterprise architecture technologies. Because the Java certification courses provide a thorough grounding in Java technology, they give those who successfully complete them comprehensive Java skills which will be applicable in all kinds of corporate situations.

Java Certification Course

There is a different Java certification course for each of the different Java job roles: Sun Certified Associate; Sun Certified Programmer; five different Sun Certified Developers; and Sun Certified Enterprise Architect.

The most basic Sun Java certification course will qualify you for employment as a Sun Certified Associate and jobs in Java-based software and application management and application. Once you are certified as an Associate, you can take the Java certification course to learn the basic Java development skills and become a Certified Java Programmer.

And from the Programmer level, you can take a Java certification course with in-depth instruction in one of a number of areas. You can qualify as a Java Developer; a Web Component Developer; a Business Component Developer; a Developer for Java Web Services’ a Mobile Application Developer; or an Enterprise Architect. The more of specialized Java certification you receive, the more IT employment opportunities will be open to you.

A Java certification course is planned to allow you to pass the test for that specific level of Java training, but you will have a much better chance of success if you also have real world employment experience in Java applications.

Sun’s Java certification course for either its Associate or Programmer levels of training is available as brick-and mortar classroom experienced, as web-based training, and on CD-ROM. The classroom training consists of five days at various locations around the US, and over fifty other countries, and a list of scheduled classes for each Java certification course is available on Sun’s website for the country in which you will be seeking Java certification.

If you want to take a Sun Java certification course to qualify as a Java Developer, you’ll first have to be certified as a Java Programmer and is available only in a classroom setting. The basic Java certification course for Java Developer will prepare you write a real-world Java application and know how to troubleshoot any problems you can normally expect to face. You will be expected to spend some weeks writing your application, and that commitment alone is one reason why those who qualify as certified Java developers command a salary over 30% higher than non-certified developers.

Sun Microsystems is not the only company offering Java certification courses. Thompson Course Technology and Whizlabs are just two of the many websites offering at least one Java certification course; Whizlabs even backs its Sun Certified Web Component Developer online training with a test pass guarantee. But any such guarantees should be taken with a grain of salt until you have thoroughly examined their terms.

Even the most useful Java certification course, Sun itself admits, will not really replace the experience gained from applying Java to real-world applications, so do not expect that a few hours spent online or with a CD-ROM to prepare you completely for certification.

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