Common Computer Problems

Common computer problems usually occur, not because there is some inherent problem with the computer, but because their owners are not prepared to perform the basic maintenance required to keep them in tip top condition.

Common Computer Problems

We all tend to expect too much of modern appliances. We drift comfortably into the consumer vicious cycle of buying, using, and buying again before we need to. Sometimes it’s the bells and whistles that attract us, but often it’s because we honestly know no different.

Let’s take a look at some of the common computer problems and see how easy it can be to avoid them in the first place. Alternatively, there are easy ways that we can deal with the common computer problems whenever they arise.

It has been said that the biggest of the common computer problems is the computer’s owner. How often do you put an hour or so aside to care for your computer? You are not alone; most people look after their computers just about as well.

Cleaning the registry, defragmenting the hard disk, clearing out cache file – there’s a lot you can do to improve performance and extend long life. It works out cheaper in the long run, it helps the environment, and it shows you to be a responsible person.

The most common of the common computer problems is a loss of performance. By the time you notice it, your computer has probably slowed by 30% or more. Regaining that performance is not difficult though.

Clean out the registry. There are numerous programs designed for doing this. The data in your registry can become fragmented, corrupted, and overblown with references to files and programs that no longer exist, or that have been moved. Clean it all up and this alone will make a tremendous difference.

You also need to check your computer system for spyware. This is another of the common computer problems that plague the modern computer age. There are plenty of good programs, many free, that will scan and check your system, and remove anything that shouldn’t be there. This is a task that should be performed at least once a week.

Sometimes an older computer will suddenly reboot itself, or simply turn itself off without warning. This could be a cooling problem. If the cooling fan is no longer up to doing its job, the emergency procedure takes over; switching off to cool the system.

Look for unusual heat coming from the computer immediately after a sudden switch-off. If you suspect the fan is not performing properly, have it checked and replaced if necessary.

Unusual noises or sudden vibrations coming from your computer are another of the common computer problems. This is most likely a hardware problem. It could be the bearing of a cooling fan, or something similar. Try to find the cause of the problem by locating the source of the noise. That should indicate what’s wrong. If necessary, have the part replaced.

Common computer problems can largely be avoided with care and attention. It’s better to prevent problems than have to deal with them, so do regular clean-ups and scans. Use more than one program as they are all different. One spyware program may miss what another finds. Be as thorough as you can be and common computer problems won’t be nearly so common for you.

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