Another Registry Easy Review

Here is Another Registry Easy Review. Well, I’m not one to usually write a review. I figure most of the stuff out there today just isn’t worth my time. But I found something that worked for a change and I wanted to let people know about it.

Another Registry Easy Review

My computer must be the biggest piece of junk, I swear. I haven’t had it that long and yet it freezes up on me when I’m online, offline, or I just look at it funny! I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about computers, but come on. I just bought the dumb thing. To top it all off, I work from home, so every time my computer locks up, freezes up, or does something else odd, it really does cost me money.

One of my friends told me I needed a registry cleaner. Didn’t have clue what that was, but he explained that it fixed some of the errors in some program or another on my computer. Errors? How to I get these errors? (I told you I don’t know much about my computer) He went onto say he really didn’t know much about how the errors came about, but he did know that registry cleaner was what I need for my computer to start working like it did when I bought it.

Okay, so I did what anyone else would do. I looked on the internet. That is once I got past my home page locking up! I searched for registry cleaners. I found Registry Easy. I decided I would try this one, mainly because it offered a free scan. This free scan checked my computer and put up a list of 712 things that were incorrect in my computer. 712! It listed things like Windows Installer Errors, Driver Errors, and Runtime Errors. It showed page after page of things that were wrong on my computer that were messing up everything and causing my computer to freeze up!

So let me tell you a little bit about this Registry Easy:

Free scan, free scan, free scan! Hey, did I mention there is a free scan? You have to know what’s all wrong to fix it, don’t you? I like this part the best, if you can’t tell!

Another reason I went with the Registry Easy is because I could download it immediately. I sure didn’t want to have to wait for something to arrive in the mail. I downloaded it right then and started fixing the problems on my computer’s registry. It’s very easy to use. After I ran that free scan, it should be the list of everything that was wrong. I was able to hit a button and Registery Easy started fixing those things on the list. But I also saw you could pick and choose what you wanted the program to scan. It also offered the same options on what you wanted the computer to fix.

Support: I didn’t have to use this feature, but if it’s as good as the program, there’s definitely nothing to worry about. It worked! I don’t even remember my computer running this fast when it was new! I’m sure it did, but it’s been so long since then. I don’t lock or freeze up anymore. I can’t tell you how much faster it runs; I just know it’s really fast! So I got to looking around online and I started seeing all of these reviews about Registry Easy. I wanted to put some of those in here so you knew I wasn’t just flapping my jaws. Take a look:

“Fantasic Program! The free scan sped up my computer by between 20 and 30%. I was going to reinstall everything on my computer to make it work better, but with Registery Easy, everything is running perfectly. Thank you!” Chase Parnell, UK
“Simply Outstanding! Fixed over 1250 errors. I rebooted the computer and it is running so much faster. I thought I had killed my IE, but it fixed it too. Barry De Souze, France

This software’s pretty cool and it did what it was supposed to. Nice to know I didn’t get scammed. (Some guy out of the US)

All right, I’ve rambled on enough. Check out the free scan and see what it says about your computer. You can fix the things that are wrong and your computer will run faster than you can remember too. The updates and newest versions are included as well. You don’t have anything to risk with this program. It does what it says it will do.

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