College Scholarships

College scholarships are usually granted for the pursuit of higher studies in academic research. It is usually given as a financial aid to a student for furthering his or her education. The award is based on a definite range of criteria, which the student must fulfill. In meeting such criteria, the student’s academic record must reflect his or her eligibility in receiving such scholarship awards.

College Scholarships

Scholarships are invariably associated with higher academic studies. It is considered to be an award for those who have achieved excellence in their respective fields of studies, or for those who are financially too weak to pursue their studies without some support. The award could be for research work, in studies for PhD degrees, where some sort of funding is generally available from the Research Council of the particular university.

College scholarship is also an educational award and a financial aid as well, and it is specifically awarded for mastery on a subject rather than on the basis of financial requirements of an economically backward student. Financial support is ordinarily given for basic education levels, while the college scholarship is meant for achievement of higher level of expertise, for students having high academic records.

Such excellence might be in the field of course studies, or research works. Often, there are a set of well defined criteria for determination of eligibility to get college scholarship. On several occasions you will find that, the scholarship is not an official gift, but a charity by a benevolent donor, and award of such scholarship is based on the values and purposes as determined by the donor.

In UK, various scholarships are granted for higher studies by the institutions, such as, the Imperial College, London, and Sir John Cass’ Foundation, meant especially for home and EU students. There are others offered for overseas students from countries, such as, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, and many more. College scholarships are ordinarily awarded annually. It is required to be renewed every year, and each time, while renewing, the candidate has to meet the specified criteria. It is therefore always better to know the exact rules and regulations that determine your eligibility for the scholarship in question, before you first apply.

There are many committees, inviting applications for award of scholarships through competition. These scholarships are meant for higher academic studies, such as graduate studies. One such body is NYU Committee for National Scholarship Competitions. The information on such college scholarships are made available in its brochures by each of the universities, where-in, it lays down the details of available scholarships, along with the pre-requisites. The internet provides quite many of this such information. The information available could be gathered and a comparative over-view may be drawn up for appropriate selection.

It is interesting to note that college scholarships are not only granted by the college management or the Government concerned. Many such scholarships come from the local authorities and institutions, or community foundations. The Church donates a few, and commercial union, like the Chamber of Commerce, also often comes up with awards. Of late, the newspaper, magazines and other volunteer organisations are also coming forward to grant such scholarships to meritorious and needy students.

However, in almost all types of cases, your academic excellence is the prime factor in obtaining the award of a College scholarship.

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