Fashion Merchandising College

Fashion design is a popular and rapidly growing industry in the heart of The United States of America which paves the path for young people to actualizing their dreams. An equally promising subject of study is Fashion Merchandising which, along with fashion design, thrives well in America owing to the country’s tendency to spend a huge proportion of money on clothing and accessories. Much of it has to do with the growing influence of media in the form of television, newspapers and magazine advertisements that has brought the wider world within the purview of each and every household.

Fashion Merchandising College

There are some people who have an acute interest in fashion, but are not particularly fascinated with the process of production. Fashion merchandising calls for those people for whom it might turn out to be a good compromise. In the country there are reputed fashion merchandising schools which provide professional education in this field in order to prepare the grounds for a strong merchandising career.

The fashion merchandiding courses are programmed in such a manner so as to teach the students about promotional campaigns, wholesale purchasing, and the best methods of setting up and managing contracts. In addition, students are exposed to important business subjects such as accounting, marketing, and the particulars of the fashion business. Compared to fashion design, this is a more technical branch of study which mainly deals with the phase following the design and production of garments.

Looking for a suitable college for fashion merchandising is not an issue today. In the country itself there are around 260 colleges which offer a two year Fashion merchandising course of associate’s degrees in fashion merchandising, whereas, bachelor’s degrees in this field are offered by at least a hundred fashion merchandising schools. A degree in fashion merchandising from areputed college for fashion merchandising opens up a new vista of interesting working fields such as that of a Fashion buyer, Store Manager or Fashion Event Planner. Fashion buyers are also known as purchasing buyers who assist their company in selecting the line of clothing or merchandise. They frequently face the challenge of predicting fashion trends which is an inherent part of their profession.

They have a median income of approximately $40,000 which is more than a store manager whose job primarily concerns with maintaining administrative details regarding the daily operations of the store. He is in charge of employees who work closely with customers, hence should be well informed about customer management ethics. The job of an event planner, on the other hand, centers around the fashion industry where he has the good fortune of coming into close association with talented people belonging to this field. The job involves great fun and excitement and at the sane time draws in a lot of money.

The industry of Fashion Merchandising is expected to continue to grow with the expansion of its scope in terms of requirement and easy access. Moreover, it has the added advantage of the Internet which, at the same time, has given rise to a lot of competition in the home as well as foreign market. Fashion merchandising colleges offer online fashion merchandising courses too which has taken this particular stream of study and vocation to places.

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