Free Online Colleges and Universities

There is handful of free online colleges and universities that can offer free online education that can save you from paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for college tuition fee. Some free online courses might not give the right degree that you need, but they can provide lifelong learning to student which is very important to a society. Technical schools, colleges and universities that can offer free online education are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia, Yale and UC Berkeley. They can offer free online courses in humanities, business and information technology.

Free Online Colleges and Universities

People who want to study different topics in various languages from colleges and universities all over the globe can now increase their learning through OpenCourseWare Consortium. These courses can offer podcasts, lecture, instructions, and examinations in the form of YouTube videos and texts. Early as late 2007 many colleges, universities and technical schools are using the YouTube presences to share knowledge to people.

This is totally free online colleges and universities education because you can watch educational YouTube videos for free. Even if you are not attending a regular school you can gain the knowledge that you need by viewing lectures of professors from different famous universities abroad. This will not only help online student, but will also help regular student attending classroom based education.

President Barack Obama has been the number one advocate of free online colleges and universities. Obama administration is now creating a program that will pay many community colleges to establish their own free online courses. This idea will be applied to help students who want to learn but don’t have the opportunity to go to a regular school. This will also help people with physical disabilities since online education is originally created for them.

Educational institutions who are offering free online colleges and universities education make sure that student under their program are competent and knowledgeable about the field by giving them several examinations that they need to pass. Aside from examinations, they are also requires on the job training especially for courses that needs experience and expertise in the field. Student under online education should not remain inside their home, because they need to go out and gain experience in the field.

Aside from government help you will also find private companies or institutions that can offer free online colleges and universities. They are offering free online education so they can hone the best future employees for their companies. The opportunities of getting free online education are very broad and it is impossible for one not to encounter an institution that can offer high quality online education. Anyone who has the right mind set and determination will surely gain success in online education and get the best job and salary in the future.

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