Grammar Worksheets

Language is the only medium for communication using sounds that is available in different variations. Among the languages in the world, English is known as the international language. It is commonly used in international business and between foreign governments as a form of communication. Every school thus tries to teach the students on speaking, writing, reading and understanding the English language. Grammar teachers have employed many modes of teaching aids such as presentation, pictograms and worksheets. For improvement of speaking and understanding English accents, there is usually a special audio room for this.

Grammar Worksheets

Grammar worksheets can be used to train the writing and reading comprehension of students. Usually, writing series in these worksheets starts with the introduction of the English alphabet. All 26 letters of the English alphabet are written over and over again in its capital and small letter form. This is to ensure that the alphabet letters are retained in the memory until it eventually becomes a second instinct of the student. After completion of the modules on the English alphabet, sentence construction is introduced. Grammar terms such as the subject and predicate are usually the first terms to be introduced to the students.

Sentence construction is very important when communicating because comprehension will suffer if the standard construction of an English sentence is not made properly. Grammar worksheets usually present drills to improve the construction skills of the students. They employ incomplete sentences wherein the students are required to fill-in the blanks. Some drills indicate the required action but the student will have to know the right tense of the word. Grammar worksheets also use examples of usage of words in a complete sentence or in a simulated conversation between two persons. Completion of the basic sentence structure arms the student with the know-how of a basic conversation using the English language.

Vocabulary build-up is the next objective in a Grammar subject. Since every action or thought of man is represented by a word, man will have a hard time to remember or even stock up all vocabulary terms of the English language. The main objective of drills is for students to grasp the meaning of a word and understand that it has various synonyms or antonyms depending on its application. Practice is what is important for the student and he can do this by continuous reading of literature. That is why men dwelling on literature and similar materials will have a bigger vocabulary than others who does not. Vocabulary and sentence construction are further improved by writing complete paragraphs. Paragraph writing is important to improve language comprehension especially if the idea contained in the paragraph is original.

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