High School Math Book

One of the hardest subjects in school is Math. Surveys never fail to take note of it. Students loathe the site of mathematical formula, numbers and variables. If they were given a choice, only a few percent of the general student population will ever consider taking up math subjects. Who will ever think that Math subjects will flourish in schools? Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry etc. have taken their stable place in the high school curriculum. The school and the teachers therefore have a challenge to meet; inspire interest from the students to take up Math.

High School Math Book

Movies that depict math geniuses seem to fall short of soliciting motivation from the students. Why? Because they always seem to present the Math subject as some kind of a light bulb that will suddenly lit up in the midst of ordinary thinking. Math geniuses do this a lot but what about the common folks? Children shows tried to tempt children to be interested in Math by using fun and enjoyable skits displaying basic mathematical computations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The powerful influence of the media fails to acquire even a modest number of students to be interested on the subject. Though a few might do become interested, perceiving through the abstractness of Math is the real reason behind its apparent difficulty.

The only apparent solution is left for the school to oversee. The success of math subjects for the students is dependent on how good the teacher is and how elaborate the high school math book is. Being a good Math teacher may be hard to define, but studies have shown that teachers who can make their students in a Math class laugh are a very good sign. Who can laugh inside a Math class? In the same fashion, a good high school Math book does not only touch on the subject lessons but also takes time to elaborate and explain mathematical formula and theories. Due to the wide scope of the subject, high school Math books can not accommodate the reality applications of mathematical theories, citing their application in the daily life is left for the teacher to do.

In the end, teachers do acknowledge that appreciation for Math may be difficult to solicit from students. Even with good supervision by the teachers, they may find it hard to realize the importance of Math, or to see the beauty of mathematical computations. New methods of teaching Math to students now include taking up artistic subjects or examples for students to ponder upon. Studies have shown that creativity improves Math perception. Perhaps, the abstractness of viewing art has helped in some way to perceive Math. It may be not too late to see high school Math books with pages of abstract images of paintings.

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