International Studies

International studies are a course of study that prepares the student to acquire the skill to be active and participative in the international world. The study provides a deeper and enhanced understanding and thought about the broader aspect of the cultures, languages, environmental situations, governments, political relations, religions, geography, and history of the world.

International Studies

It is the international education, which provides the student with the knowledge of the outside world, making him familiar with the current affairs, preparing him to develop the attitude to work globally, in cross-cultural environment. It also provides the student with the ability to converse in different languages, and prepares him mentally to have due concern and respect for other culture and people.

International studies are made up of a group of subjects, which provide the student with a constellation of knowledge, skills, and dispositions, for effectively meeting the challenge in working internationally. The School of Politics in Belfast is one of the leading institutes in UK, conducting international studies and philosophy. The institute has more than 40 full-time academics, making it the largest centre in Ireland.

The institute has received a grade 5A, from the Research Assessment Exercise in the year 2001, which places the institute as one of the best intensive research based institution in the subjects that it teaches. The institute has 5 areas of marked research expertise, and these are Philosophy, Political Theory, Irish Politics, European Governance and Gender, and International Politics and Ethnic Conflict.

The scope of international studies include the foundation and methodology of the natural, social, and human sciences, the implication of social behaviour on particular scientific theories, along with the wider aspect of the philosophical implications on science. There are quite a few journals, providing in-depth scholarly discussions regarding the related research, and they invite contributions from researchers and sociologists of science.

Some of the universities in UK, offer aid program in order to support the student, while he studies in the university. The student is assisted with a range of bursaries, scholarships, and other aid funds. In offering those, the university concerned wants to make sure that financial problem of a student does not become a barrier to his studies in that university. Substantial funding is provided by the universities as financial assistance to the student, at the time when he joins, maintaining it through-out his academic career in the university. Such an opportunity is offered by the University of Warwick in UK, for its undergraduate students.

The Centre for International Studies, under the University of Toronto in Canada, offers the student with opportunities of active participation in the vibrant research life of the centre. The university offers limited travel grants to support students at doctoral research level, and the individual grants are limited to $1,000. During an academic year, the university expects to award 4 to 5 such grants.

The grants awarded may be spent towards transportation, accommodation, and incidental expenses, required for travel during field research work. The university does not provide any advances towards the grants, and only reimburses on production of the receipts, submitted at the conclusion of any trip.

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