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With the ever increasing demand for Microsoft technologies, Microsoft has brought out various certifications which certify the holders ability to handle Microsoft technologies efficiently. There are several ways to learn MCSA certification course. Lets know more what MCSA certification is all about and ways to learn MCSA course.

Learn MCSA

MCSA stands for Microsoft Certified System Administrator. Am MCSA certification course is for an individual who wishes to learn how to implement, manage, configure and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows operating system. The course is available for 2000 and 2003 versions of Windows operating system. The course makes an individual familiar with various aspects related to system and network environments. In other words, the course makes an individual familiar with how to handle the system administration of Windows operating system. For this certificate, the individual has to clear three core exams and one elective exam.

Before an individual sits for any of the MCSA exams, he/she needs to learn these technologies so that he/she can clear the examination successfully. If the candidate fails to clear the exam, he/she will not be given a second chance to sit for that examination. All such type of rules are set by Microsoft.

Now let us take a look at the various ways to learn MCSA course. All the below mentioned ways to learn MCSA are designed in an easy-to-understand way and in a way that they can meet the requirements of various types of candidates.

* Training Institutes: They are a convenient learning tool for the MCSA candidates and are quite famous among the students. The training institutes have a setup of traditional classrooms where a number of MCSA candidates sit together and share a lecture of the instructor and the instructor, through various means, makes them understand the concepts. They also have a small network lab setup so that the students can receive a hands-on experience with the technologies.

* On-Line Training Kits: On-line training programs are available for the convenience of the candidate 24X7 so that they can access them at any time they want. Such training programs are popular among those candidates who are learning MCSA course along with their jobs. These kits contain study material, practice tests and also provide instructor-led training sessions, wherein the instructors are certified professionals.

* Boots Camp: These camps are specially meant for those candidates who are already familiar with the technologies or only want to upgrade their certificate by learning the newer version of the operating system dealt in the previous course. This course is usually of a few days and provides all facilities like labs exercises, practice sessions, instructors, etc so that the individual can learn MCSA course efficiently.

Therefore, there are many ways to learn MCSA. If a candidate is not sure of which way to learn MCSA he/she can take the help of various sites that contain all the detailed information or can also take the help of education counselors.

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