Linux Certification Training

As the demand for Linux as the IT operating system of choice for more and more business environments grows, so does the demand for IT professionals with the real-world know-how to implement, manage, and administer Linux. Many businesses are interested in using Linux, with its free open source software, in their IT systems, yet are reluctant to commit to an operating system when most of its users still consist of those computer wizards capable of installing and tweaking their own source codes.

Linux Certification Training

In an attempt to encourage more mainstream adoption of the Linux OS, some Linux vendors and Linux related organizations offer test-based Linux certification as a way for IT workers to establish their Linux credentials, and Linux certification training to help those workers become certified.

But because Linux itself and the result of collaboration among thousands of people, there is no one authority empowered to establish the standards for Linux certification. So Linux certification training can vary according to the difficulty of the exams being offered. SAIR, Novell, and Red Hat are the best recognized of those who grant Linux certification.

SAIR, or Software Architecture Implementation and Realization, has teamed with the professionals from the GNU project which offers a free operating system based on the Linux kernel to put together a Linux certification training program. Red Hat and Novell are both Linux OS vendors, and their Linux certification training will prepare candidates for what are generally considered the most demanding of the Linux certification exams

The Red Hat and Novell exams include hands-on testing in simulated real-world applications of Linux. Their Linux certification training and tests are designed to ensure employers who hire their certified professionals that they will be getting employees ready to handle any necessary IT demands.

The best Linux certification training will not only include plenty of study of the theoretical aspects of the Linux OS and their implementation. The best Linux certification training will allow students to have hands-on lab experience with Linux networking, trouble shooting, software management, and any other situation they are likely to encounter in the workplace.

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