Science Scholarships

Scholarship is awarded to meritorious students pursuing academic studies or research to facilitate their pursuit of furthering education. Scholarship can also be awarded in other field of activities including sports and culture. Scholarship can be of various types, and science scholarship is one of them. Like most of the scholarships awarded, a science scholarship is also based on a set of well defined criteria.

Science Scholarships

In UK, the universities offering scholarships in science and engineering, accepts students from non-EU countries, a list of which is available in their prospectus. The application for an award has been made simple, and no other information is required, except the ones detailed out in the application. The primary condition is that the applicant must not have received any other university scholarship, or full fees scholarship from any other source. However, the student applying must have met the minimum level of gradation, as prescribed by the concerned university.

While scholarship, are basically related to educational institutions like schools and colleges, there are a number of such scholarship awarded in the field of higher studies and research. The aim of scholarship is to retain the best scholars in the line of education without quitting it midway.

Recently, the UK Government has announced a new science scholarship scheme with a financial support of £ 100m. The basic objective of this science scholarship is to attract top scientists to work in UK. Another reason behind this step is the fact that, the number of students taking to science subjects has not been very encouraging in the recent past.

In a number of universities, the science departments are closing down. For example, the Reading University, in UK, has announced that it will be shutting down its Physics department, and will no longer be accepting any new application. The department is to shut down by the year 2010. However, announcing a £ 100m backed scholarship in science, the UK Government hopes to raise the profile of the British science. This science scholarship intends to encourage students and research scholars to take up science as their subject of study and research.

A similar scheme of science scholarship was also introduced in Germany by the Humbolt Foundation. It produced more than twenty thousand scientists for Germany, and as many as 35 of those scientists won the Nobel Prize and it was no mean achievement.

One may be majoring in science for any reason but you will need money to complete your study or research successfully. That is the reason why science scholarships have been created and sponsored by both public and private authorities. A number of private enterprises have come forward to provide science scholarship to brilliant students and researchers, and the financial support is quite handy. Science scholarship is open to students in any area of scientific studies and research. These days, science scholarships are not restricted to the science that we commonly know, like, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The subject choice extends to other areas of science, such as, social sciences, Biosciences, Geography, and many more. In UK, science scholarships are also available to international students, if they fulfill the award criteria. A number of organisations have come forward sponsoring both national and international scholarship for bright science students and research scholars. The Straightforward Media Scholarship program offers twenty two different types of scholarships and science scholarship is one of them. This scholarship is awarded to those students who are pursuing a degree in a science related field.

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